Specialized Services for Asian Logistics

Global logistics and supply chain solutions and leading-edge insight

Specialized Services for Asian Logistics

Helping you succeed at every step of the way

Recently, Penske was able to provide a major Chinese customer with end-to-end visibility of its supply chain operations between Shanghai and Rotterdam.

How did we do it? By combining practical creativity with unsurpassed technical capability and a deep knowledge of the logistics industry.

With a proven track record both locally and internationally, Penske is uniquely poised to meet the growing demands of China's rapidly expanding global trade.

We offer the following services:

Global Freight Management

Global companies require global solutions. Penske tracks and manages goods across the world - from suppliers in China to destinations worldwide, and from suppliers worldwide to destinations in China.

Domestic Transportation Management

Our transportation and account managers handle sourcing, procurement, contract management and day-to-day operational management from a central Shanghai location.

Fourth Party Logistics Provider (4PL)

As a 4PL, we find new and better ways of coordinating your supply chain: optimizing transportation operations, managing suppliers, integrating supply chain technologies, synchronizing inbound and outbound flows and modeling and managing distribution networks.

Dedicated Contract Carriage (DCC)

We manage just-in-time deliveries for multiple customers, many of whom have stringent delivery windows. With our help, customers are able to minimize inventory on-hand and provide the service necessary to keep production running.

Distribution Center Management (DCM)

Our capabilities in customer service, including inventory management, order management and transportation management make us the ideal partner for DCM combined with import, export and / or domestic distribution.


Penske maintains a number of strategically located warehouses throughout China and the Asia-Pacific region.

See how we implement logistics solutions with some of our Asian customer case studies.