Lead Logistics Provider

Transforming Everyday Business

As a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) for businesses around the world, Penske finds new and improved ways to coordinate all aspects of supply chain service on a day-to-day basis.

Every business has its strong points. Since ours happen to be warehousing and transportation, you can focus on perfecting and maintaining your core business.

Our valuable expertise in LLP will shine through as we:

  • Optimize transportation operations
  • Coordinate all suppliers
  • Integrate supply chain technologies
  • Synchronize inbound and outbound flows
  • Model and manage distribution networks

Comprehensive Oversight and Management

Customers turn to Penske for LLP because we can provide subject-matter expertise to optimize every level of your supply chain. You'll find that our logistics experts can bring their unique operational experience to help with challenges in every nook and cranny of your supply chain. Some of the areas where you'll recognize their immediate value are:

  • On-site, with parts follow-up, load verification and quality inspection
  • Operations, with border, claims, supplier and warehouse management
  • Network, from site and mode selection to routing and realignment
  • Transportation, including carrier or fleet management, load building and tracking
  • Financial, including procurement, metrics and invoicing

Oriented by Values, Driven by Results

Devising common strategic and operational values drives out 8–12% of our customers' supply chain costs. From the ground up, we establish a strategic financial baseline to influence our decision making as it comes to ideation, design, implementation, validation and value tracking of logistics solutions.

Supply Chain Management

Lead Logistics Provider

Penske understands how to centrally manage and optimize the most complex supply chains.

Consulting Services

Penske understands that you have immediate challenges that require a responsive strategy.