Warehousing and Distribution

Fine-Tune Your Distribution Strategy

You bring the best to your customers when you have a distribution network that is flexible, responsive, and efficient.

Distribution Center Management from Penske Logistics lifts your warehousing and distribution strategy to the next level. We can help you develop a strategy that meets your needs, from management and execution of activity within your warehouses to redesigning and refining your distribution network. We're on top of it so your business can focus on what it does best.

Continuous Analysis Drives Improved Process

We know times change. Your business should be able to keep pace. We never stop looking for ways to improve your warehousing and distribution operations. Some of the ways we work to bring down costs and increase your operational productivity include:

  • Documenting all processes to show how your operations perform against critical and quality-driven goals
  • Reducing inventory lag time by sequencing the in- and outflow of commodities with manufacturing schedules
  • Managing the flow (and return) of containers and packaging/repackaging so you can focus on production

Warehousing And Distribution

Warehouse Design

We evaluate warehouse design strategically and provide solutions for streamlined operations.

Warehouse Operations

Penske’s state-of-the-art warehouse engineering improves every procedure, from receiving to inventory management to returnable container programs.