Warehouse Operations

Thriving Business Depends on Smooth Operations

A robust warehouse design is an important starting place for distribution center management, but you can't expect your warehouse operations strategy to stay in shape without constant and consistent oversight. Who better to execute warehouse management than the very team that designed the layout and put everything in place?

Rest assured that we'll execute distribution center operations with great care for your constraints, objectives and goals. With cutting-edge technology, a commitment to safety and compliance, and a real understanding for your operational and distribution needs, we're dedicated to your success.

Turn the Corner with Penske Services

We optimize production with subassembly, sequencing and kitting—taking care of every detail from special packaging to shrink wrapping and labeling. Penske brings it all together with detailed statistical reporting that reveals the effectiveness of each measure in meeting your operation's goals. Penske Logistics' value-added services include:

  • Pick and pack
  • Cross docking
  • Mixing center solutions that speed the movement of materials to your customers
  • State-of-the-Art Warehousing Tech

Technology alone isn't a game changer, but it can take every procedure to the top of its game if deployed correctly – from receiving and inventory management to returnable container programs. With your existing warehouse management system or our own technology solutions, we can optimize the flow of inventory through your facility. We bring a comprehensive suite of warehouse management technology into warehouse engineering:

  • Warehouse Management: Drives maximum efficiency with directed and customizable workflows, task interleaving, inventory support, real-time visibility, wave planning, change management, yard management and quality control
  • Labor Management: Augment your associates' warehouse activity with improved planning; labor training, coaching and feedback; workload balancing; productivity reporting; adhering to best practices; and rewards to associates

Warehousing And Distribution

Warehouse Design

We evaluate warehouse design strategically and provide solutions for streamlined operations.

Warehouse Operations

Penske’s state-of-the-art warehouse engineering improves every procedure, from receiving to inventory management to returnable container programs.

Network Design

Penske can design your network for maximum speed and flexibility, covering every link in the supply chain.