Network Design

Putting the Right Distribution Network in Place

Things have a way of getting out of hand as you experience growth and face changes in your supply chain or your customer base. Suddenly you have an over-sized, over-extended network that meets your customers' needs, but isn't cost efficient. We can help you identify the right number of distribution locations, in the right places.

We're committed to solving one of your company's most widespread challenges. It's our business to redesign logistics networks for maximum speed and flexibility. To ensure every link in your supply chain is strong, our experts assess:

  • Site selection
  • Mode selection
  • Routing
  • Inventory and transport costs

Global Reach, Local Know-How

Our distribution and network design expertise spans multiple continents. With a complete understanding of your specific distribution needs and operational conditions, we'll be your road map to future success.

We set up your network for speed and efficiency by selecting and analyzing locations for your facilities and integrating them into your supply chain. Our goal is to help you anticipate how the local realities affect operations and address them proactively throughout your network, whether it's nationwide, regional, or local.

The Connecting Link in Your Delivery Chain

To streamline delivery and improve costs, our experts:

  • Establish the optimal facility assignments within your network
  • Determine the ideal number, placement and size of facilities
  • Coordinate shipping and delivery across all business units
  • Provide actionable transportation mode analysis
  • Offer counsel on continuous realignment
  • Analyze the impact of network changes in sourcing, etc.

Warehousing And Distribution

Warehouse Design

We evaluate warehouse design strategically and provide solutions for streamlined operations.

Warehouse Operations

Penske’s state-of-the-art warehouse engineering improves every procedure, from receiving to inventory management to returnable container programs.

Network Design

Penske can design your network for maximum speed and flexibility, covering every link in the supply chain.