How Do You Minimize Your Supply Chain Costs?

Work with experts who know your business as well as you do.

Industry Specializations

Penske offers specialized solutions tailored to your operations, production and market demands.

Consumer Products

Our broad experience managing supply chains for consumer product companies—ranging from fresh foods to home appliances—ensures that you will meet retailer and customer demands. Read more on consumer products logistics.

Food and Beverage

Penske will work to understand your needs so you can get your food and beverage products to market fast and ensure freshness. Read more on food and beverage logistics.

Industrial Manufacturing

We create industrial logistics solutions that best manage your inventory across global networks, all while reducing costs and driving efficiency. Read more on industrial and manufacturing logistics.


We work with the world's leading automakers. Our years of experience and know-how prepared us for managing the logistics required for the changing automotive industry. Read more on automotive logistics solutions.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

We understand that distribution and security of health care products and pharmaceutical products is critical. We meet high demands quickly and reduce costs and unnecessary inventory. Read more on health care logistics.

High Technology and Electronics

With our understanding of the technology and electronics industry, we can custom fit our logistics solutions to work with your network and meet your demands. Read more on technology and electronics logistics.

Retail Industry

We have deep experience serving the delivery and supply chain needs of leading major retailers of all sizes and configurations, from big box to convenience stores. Read more on retail logistics solutions.


Penske has deep experience improving supply chain efficiencies for leading chemical, paint and agricultural products companies. Read more on chemical logistics solutions.

Publishing and Packaging

Our real-world industry experts help identify and trim logistics and transportation costs while retaining superior service and on-time delivery. Read more on publishing and packaging logistics.


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