How Do You Expand Your Reach While Unifying Your Processes?

Penske Logistics shows you how.

Providing International Logistics Solutions

Penske Logistics' more than 275 locations, 3,000-vehicle fleet, and 15 million square feet of warehousing and cross docking space serve customers throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Working Where Our Customers Are

Our logistics management specialists are committed to serving our customers anywhere, meeting the needs of leading suppliers, manufacturers and retailers around the globe.

Preparing Seamless Processes, Continent-to-Continent

We have a depth of expertise integrating complex global supply chains, providing companies with uniform technology and processes on multiple continents. Read the Knoll case study.

A Tradition of Award-Winning Solutions

Our logistics solutions have been recognized by both our customers and the industries we serve. A leading automotive manufacturer designated us Global Logistics Supplier of the Year four times. We are consistently ranked as one of the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners by Supply Chain Brain magazine. Let us show you how our winning strategies can work for you.

Reinforcing a Flexible Worldwide Reach

Penske has extensive experience successfully establishing operations in new territories and a proven ability to transfer knowledge across geographies and cultures. Read the Ford case study.

Knoll Case Study


Consolidating Outbound Shipments
Penske's solution for Knoll reduced transportation and warehousing costs and increased their customer satisfaction rating. Read the Knoll case study.

2012 ELA Award

ELA logo

The European Logistics Association (ELA) honored Penske Logistics and Ford Motor Company with the 2012 European Award for Logistics Excellence.


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