Supply Chain Consulting Services

Decades of experience in analysis, planning and solutions development

Supply Chain Consulting Services

Penske consultants develop solutions informed by decades of operational experience. As operators of fleets, warehouses and supply chains, we know what it takes to make things work.

We take a deep interest in your business and deliver the solution that best fits your operations.

Penske professional consulting services offer:

  • Extensive experience in warehousing and transport
  • State-of-the-art tools for distribution network design and 3-D warehouse simulation
  • In-depth analysis that informs decision making
  • Clear and consistent communication

Penske Meets Your Challenges

Our customers are established in a wide variety of industries across the globe, but no matter their operations, our expertise guides the future of their supply chain success.

Some of the customer challenges overcome by our expert consultants include:

  • Network change and acquisition: Re-evaluating and consolidating supply chain networks to streamline logistical operations.
  • New product launches: Understanding and re-evaluating your current network to figure out how it can support new products.
  • RFP precursor: Understanding how your supply chain is operating to ensure you're asking prospects the right questions.
  • Regulatory changes: Managing shifting regulatory requirements to avoid driving further costs into your network.
  • Service level changes: Proactively modifying transportation modes and service windows to meet needs and minimize the impact of change.
  • Shifts in customer demands: Analyzing emerging customer trends for load and network consolidation.
Customer Spotlight

The Company

A global science-based company that is active in health, nutrition and materials

  • Presence: 200+ Manufacturing Locations Worldwide
  • Penske Logistics Europe Customer Since 2005


The company ships products both in bulk and packed. Bulk shipments are sent directly from the manufacturing plant to customers, while packed products are often sent to customers via warehouse locations. The company was looking to improve overall efficiency so they asked Penske Logistics to analyze its production and distribution structure to optimize its distribution network.

We Provide

Penske performed a thorough analysis of the company’s supply chain, focusing primarily on distribution network design. Based on this analysis, Penske identified:

  • Which product groups to produce at specific locations
  • Which warehouse locations are most optimal
  • Which locations are to be served from specific production and warehouse locations


  • Produced a detailed overview of which production and warehouse locations should produce and deliver specific customer-product combinations
  • Resulted in a supply chain cost reduction of 15 percent that was executed within the required budget and timeline