E-Fulfilment Solutions

Warehousing and fulfilment that solves your e-commerce challenges

E-Fulfilment Solutions

As the growth of e-commerce continues worldwide, efficient e-fulfilment is a decisive factor to a successful business online.

Through experience, we understand the specific challenges in e-commerce and have addressed them with our e-fulfilment solutions.

Penske's e-fulfilment solutions include:

  • Experience in e-commerce logistics, both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) levels
  • Designed to be scalable
  • A short implementation time
  • Easy to connect
  • Efficient order handling and pick-and-pack operations:
    • No-touch order entry
    • Support by a specialized customer service team
    • Efficient pick-and-pack operations
  • Reliable stock management:
    • Online visibility
    • Status management
    • Analytics enabling the customer a balanced stock position
  • Connectivity to (e-commerce) platforms and carriers:
    • Direct feed into Amazon's platforms
    • Consumer-directed delivery option at the check-out connected with our distribution options (e.g. next day, time window, specific day/place)
    • Flexible carrier platform plug-in
  • Efficient customer-specific returns handling with focus on:
    • Fast processing on receipt, quick availability to stock, quality control, customer specific rework
    • Reporting the reason for return so you become even more efficient
  • On-demand, value-added services with options like:
    • Personalization/customization
    • Customer signature packaging
    • Kitting and relabeling

Penske executes your e-fulfilment activities in modern equipped warehousing facilities with optimal efficiency to help your business grow.

Customer Spotlight

The Company

Housewares design and marketing company


The company was launching a wide product portfolio into large B2B retail and online platforms as well as a B2C channel. It was experiencing growth of sales and number of new products of between 50-100% and was looking to accelerate order turnaround time and incorporate activities like relabeling, repacking and kitting.

We Provide

Overall warehousing solution supporting multi-channel distribution


  • Penske adjusted the warehouse configuration and processes to optimize storage capacity, accelerate order lead-time and handle increasing Valued Added Services (VAS)
  • Penske connected their freight to carrier platforms for both parcel and palletized deliveries throughout Europe
  • The customers' systems were integrated with the Amazon platform which streamlined order flows into all major hubs in Europe