In-House Logistics

Outsource your logistics activities so you can concentrate on what you do best

In-House Logistics

If you want to focus on your core activities, Penske can take care of all your logistics operations at your facilities.

You'll never have to worry about internal goods handling, storage, line feeding, distribution, empty goods and returns handling, customs, documentations and handling equipment.

Our in-house logistics services include:

  • Outsourcing of logistics activities at your facility or production location
  • Inbound, storage, pick-and-pack, outbound, line feeding and value-added services based on your requirements
  • Outsourcing of material handling equipment
  • Operations centralized at your location and controlled by your or Penske's warehouse management system


In warehouse planning, careful consideration of labor costs and capacity is integral. We assess labor considerations by:

  • Determining the right mix of permanent and temporary labor
  • Analyzing the overall labor market where the facility will be managed
  • Examining the current and future circumstances of your business


Advanced management of information systems is a critical component of an optimized warehouse. Our warehousing technology provides:

  • Interfacing between shippers' orders and ERP systems
  • Connectivity between TMS systems and distribution technologies
  • WMS implementation and management
  • Voice-pick technology
  • Yard management
Customer Spotlight

The Company

A fast food restaurant with global presence


The expansion of a store footprint across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) created a need for centralized management for the inbound flow of store equipment, the supervision of a store refurbishment program, as well as the administration of export documentation.

We Provide

  • EMEA distribution center management
  • Management of the inbound flow of store equipment from suppliers, both overseas as well as those based in the EU
  • Full range of export documentation in line with the EMEA export requirements
  • Warehousing and transportation of odd-sized products beyond regular pallet size standards
  • Timely project deliveries into commercial centers for the company store refurbishment program


  • Penske created a scalable warehousing solution that successfully absorbed increasing product volumes (30% annual) generated by the growth of new store openings
  • Penske ensured on-time availability of all products to stores
  • Penske confirmed compliance with all EMEA export requirements
  • By directly interacting with the company’s licenses and franchisees, the company is able to focus on its core business