How Can Being a Carrier for Penske Logistics Benefit You?

Together, we can elevate our business and grow our partnerships.

Who we are

Elevating Our Business. Growing Our Partnerships.

For more than 25 years, we have been a reliable partner to so many of our carriers and logistics customers. Lately, we have witnessed growth in our industry. It’s increasing at such a rate, that we’re looking to develop new partnerships with professional carriers.

We understand the benefits of a well-structured carrier arrangement. That’s why we have a skilled and experienced team in place ready to go to work for you. We’ll act as the agent/broker, and provide you with the freight that needs to be moved. All we need is you.

There’s a lot of pressure on carriers today, staying in compliance with ever changing motor carrier regulations, minimizing dead head miles, and maximizing driver retention. But Penske can alleviate some of the pressure by helping to keep your drivers fully utilized moving freight from our extensive list of customers while improving your bottom line.

By partnering with us, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your industry relationships, and concentrate on what you do best—moving freight.

We make it easy for you to take the next step in getting pre-qualified, and being a carrier of choice with Penske.

Just complete the required forms—now available online—and you’re on your way.

Let’s Get Started

Getting started is easy. We have all the necessary forms ready for you to complete.

Simply download our Motor Carrier Setup Packet and Carrier Profile and do the following:

  • Motor Carrier Setup Packet (PDF document):
    • Open the document,
    • fill out the highlighted fields,
    • print,
    • sign in the designated areas,
    • scan the pages and then email us all the information at
  • Carrier Profile (Excel document):
    • Open and save document on your computer,
    • fill in the appropriate fields and
    • email the completed document back to us at

Once you submit your information and we receive the forms—and all requirements are met—a Penske representative will contact you within the next five to seven business days.

By completing these forms, you have started the necessary process to be pre-qualified.


For more information about completing the forms, call us at 855-678-2145 or email us at

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