Consulting Services

Get Answers, Implement Solutions

Challenges don't always look the same. Sometimes the problem is reoccurring and it needs a new way of thinking to tackle it. Maybe you already have a few great ideas, and just need help modeling their impact to determine the right course of action. And sometimes you have the perfect solution, and need someone to help manage its implementation.

Let the operation know-how of our specialists and engineers help. Improve your supply chain and network flexibility using proven data collection and analysis techniques, proprietary modeling tools, and extensive experience with diverse supply chains to ultimately save time and money.

Penske Logistics consultants can augment your supply chain by:

  • Quickly identifying potential cost savings to operational constraints
  • Providing a way to quickly validate improvement opportunities
  • Recommending the strategy that works best for your business

Advice You Can Trust

Penske consultants don't just take the outputs of an equation and hand it over for you to implement, they develop solutions informed by decades of operational experience. As operators of fleets, warehouses, and supply chains, we know what it takes to make things work. We take a deep interest in your business and deliver only the best, hand-picked solution after consulting with you and discovering the way it will best fit into your operations.

A key tool for developing solid logistics operations is dialogue. As we objectively observe your business, we maintain ongoing conversation to make sure we're getting the whole picture. Count on responsible change management leading a cross-functional team through research, design and implementation, all with regular updates per a shared communication plan.

Penske Meets Your Challenges

Our supply chain experts can help customers with a variety of challenges including:

  • Network change and acquisition – Re-evaluate and consolidate supply chain networks to provide the best service
  • New product launches – Understand and re-evaluate how locations perform to put your best foot forward on a new venture
  • Regulatory changes – Manage shifting regulatory requirements to avoid driving further costs into your network
  • Service level changes – Proactively modify transportation modes and service windows to meet the needs and minimize the impact of change
  • Shifts in customer demands – Analyze emerging customer trends for load and network consolidation
  • Changing customer demographics – Analyze your customer base to adjust routes for optimal fleet deployment


Supply Chain Management

Streamline supply chain complexities for optimal network efficiency.

Transportation Management

Create customized, comprehensive transportation management services.

Warehousing and Distribution

Harness the latest technologies with the help of our logistics experts.

Consulting Services

Improve your supply chain and network flexibility using proven techniques.

Freight Brokerage

Broker your freight with Penske, or become a carrier when you have excess capacity.