Industrial Manufacturing

Beat Rising Costs and Long Supply Chains

Maintaining product quality and timely delivery in a global marketplace is a constant challenge. With rising labor costs and unpredictable fuel prices, production costs threaten to spin out of control. Penske can work with supply chain operations to address your challenges as an industrial manufacturer.

Apply Processes that Drive Change

We work with the world's leading industrial companies to reduce costs, drive change and instill discipline and process excellence within their supply chains and distribution networks.

Get Industrial Logistics Know-How

We use our expansive network of distribution facilities, cross-docks, manufacturing plants, remote domiciles and supplier locations throughout North America, South America and Europe.

Devise a Supply Chain Strategy

We use our supply chain solutions to reduce costs, drive efficiency and improve supply chain visibility across business units, divisions and geographies.

Adapt to Rapid Change

We understand that in a rapidly changing environment, you sometimes need to shift supply chains quickly. We'll help you manage high-asset levels that impact your ability to adapt quickly.

Lower Production Costs

We identify and resolve inefficiencies from the production floor to distribution, integrating manpower and technologies while maximizing your existing resources and capabilities.

Streamline Material Flow

We synchronize supply chain movement with the demands of your production floor, and consolidate points for redistribution while minimizing transportation costs through route and network optimization.

Work Across Borders with Ease

We develop globally consistent and transparent processes that allow for a successful offshore strategy. You will retain increased on-hand inventory to account for transportation delays and implement freight-tracking tools to monitor goods in transit.



Our decades of industry experience with automakers and their top automotive suppliers prepared us well to manage the logistics for the changing automotive industry supply chain.

Consumer Products

Penske manages supply chains for consumer product companies that meet retailer and customer demands.

Food and Beverage

We understand the unique cold chain requirements in getting your products to market fast and fresh.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

We understand that distribution and security of healthcare and pharmaceutical products is critical.

High Tech and Electronics

With our industry understanding, we can custom fit our logistics solutions to work with your network and meet your demands.

Industrial Manufacturing

We create solutions to manage your inventory across global networks, all while reducing costs and driving efficiency.


From big box to convenience stores, we serve the delivery and supply chain needs of leading major retailers.