Transportation Management

Achieve Visibility and Control of Your Freight

You need to know exactly where your product is going, and what kind of returns you will receive on your spending. Get the tools you need for full visibility with Penske's transportation management solutions (TMS).

Core Services for TMS Customers

You can count on expertise and a robust communication plan saving you time and money. With a transportation management solution, Penske will:

  • Source third-party carriers
  • Provide appropriate technology
  • Plan and execute shipments
  • Execute daily load tendering

Penske Works with You to Cross Borders

When you are managing the movement of domestic or international material, transportation systems can be complex. Penske helps by maximizing the efficiency of your ground transportation with milk runs, cross-dock shipments, consolidation streams, back hauls and coordination of supplier shipments—optimizing every route for the highest level of productivity.

We're currently supervising more than 1,200 carriers internationally, making close to 10 million stops a year.

Value-Added Services for TMS Customers

We allow you to focus on what matters most by helping with:

  • Order management, planning and optimization
  • Carrier procurement and management
  • Load tendering and tracking
  • Fleet integration
  • Freight bill audit and payment
  • Claims management
  • Metrics and analytics


Supply Chain Management

Streamline supply chain complexities for optimal network efficiency.

Transportation Management

Create customized, comprehensive transportation management services.

Warehousing and Distribution

Harness the latest technologies with the help of our logistics experts.

Consulting Services

Improve your supply chain and network flexibility using proven techniques.

Freight Brokerage

Broker your freight with Penske, or become a carrier when you have excess capacity.