Keep More of What You Ring Up

Retailers face continued price pressure from competitors. Penske's retail logistics services can be your differentiator — cutting costs, helping you serve your customers better, improving inventory management and making you more competitive.

The Advantage of Experience

We have experience serving the delivery and retail supply chain management needs of leading major stores of all sizes and configurations, from big box to convenience.

Maximizing Service, Minimizing Cost

With industry knowledge and our routing tools, we engineer distribution networks that work for retail. More efficient routes and resource utilization tailored to the seasonal ups and downs of your product mix mean you'll improve service while keeping costs down.



Our decades of industry experience with automakers and their top automotive suppliers prepared us well to manage the logistics for the changing automotive industry supply chain.

Consumer Products

Penske manages supply chains for consumer product companies that meet retailer and customer demands.

Food and Beverage

We understand the unique cold chain requirements in getting your products to market fast and fresh.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

We understand that distribution and security of healthcare and pharmaceutical products is critical.

High Tech and Electronics

With our industry understanding, we can custom fit our logistics solutions to work with your network and meet your demands.

Industrial Manufacturing

We create solutions to manage your inventory across global networks, all while reducing costs and driving efficiency.


From big box to convenience stores, we serve the delivery and supply chain needs of leading major retailers.