Supply Chain Management

End-to-End Supply Chain Management Solutions

Penske's supply chain professionals are committed to meeting the most complex requirements of our customers. Whatever your business, whatever you're building, packing and sending – we make sure you have top-notch transportation and distribution in place to capitalize on your potential. We bring industry knowledge, advanced systems and technical prowess to design and implement the most advanced supply chain solutions in use today.

Supply Chain Solutions Customized for You

As a lead logistics provider (LLP) for businesses around the world, Penske finds new and improved ways to coordinate all aspects of supply chain service on a day-to-day basis.

Customers turn to Penske for LLP solutions because we provide subject-matter expertise to optimize every level of your supply chain. You'll find our logistics experts bring their unique operational experience from a wide variety of industries including automotive, industrial manufacturing, consumer products, electronics, healthcare and food and beverage to help with challenges in every segment of your supply chain, including:

  • Optimizing transportation operations
  • Coordinating suppliers
  • Integrating supply chain technologies
  • Synchronizing inbound logistics and outbound logistics flows
  • Modeling and managing distribution networks
  • On-site, with parts follow-up, load verification and quality inspection
  • Operations, with border, claims, supplier and warehouse management
  • Network, from site and mode selection to routing and realignment
  • Transportation management, including carrier or fleet management, load building and tracking
  • Financial, including procurement, metrics and invoicing

Discover the Benefits of Outsourcing to Penske

Broad industry expertise – Penske logistics has decades of experience in a variety of industries including automotive, industrial manufacturing, and food and beverage.

Our people – The backbone of any supply chain is the people who run it. Our people are dedicated to your business and run it as if it were their own.

Superior technology – Even the best people can't run an efficient supply chain without visibility into every part that travels from point A to point B and beyond. As a result, Penske created its ClearChain technology suite that includes the best mix of industry-leading software and systems combined with our own proprietary applications to keep your business moving forward.


Supply Chain Management

Streamline supply chain complexities for optimal network efficiency.

Transportation Management

Create customized, comprehensive transportation management services.

Warehousing and Distribution

Harness the latest technologies with the help of our logistics experts.

Consulting Services

Improve your supply chain and network flexibility using proven techniques.

Freight Brokerage

Broker your freight with Penske, or become a carrier when you have excess capacity.