Warehousing and Distribution

Fine–Tune Your Warehousing and Distribution Strategy

Penske is Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certified. This is only applicable to products that are coming back into the United States and the requirements include:

  • Pre-employment associate background screening
  • Robust security features at locations, such as fencing, guard services, cameras, accessibility controls, etc.
  • Procedures for screening business partners, new customers, vendors, service providers, contractors, etc.
  • Security and threat awareness training for management and associates
  • IT security policy and procedures

Because Penske is C-TPAT certified, all our distribution and warehousing facilities meet specific C-TPAT standards. We also continually audit ourselves to seek out continuous improvement in our processes. Additional benefits include Penske only uses C-TPAT-certified carriers to move products. This includes the ability to use Free and Secure Trade (FAST) lane access for expedited border crossing, as well as a reduction in the number of border inspections.

You bring the best to your customers when you have a distribution network that is flexible, responsive and efficient.

Distribution center management from Penske Logistics lifts your warehousing and distribution strategy to the next level. We can mutually develop a strategy that meets your needs, from management and execution of activity within your warehouses to redesigning and refining your distribution network and implementing it. Penske makes this a priority, so your business can focus on what it does best.

Warehouse Design and Operations

Efficient warehouse design and operations are the foundation of an efficient supply chain, one that can service your customers in a timely fashion. When warehouses don't evolve with regular or unexpected changes in operations, products or personnel, it can weaken your entire supply chain.

Penske Logistics designs warehouse layouts and systems that are built for the most efficient access to goods and overall execution of labor within your warehouse. Team up with us to implement data-driven warehouse strategies that will maximize your performance and set you up for success.

Technology-Driven Modeling

Every warehouse is unique. We work with businesses all over the world to make the most of their square footage, and minimize the risks that can hinder warehouse operations.

You have to know what you're working with and what you're working toward to design and implement the ideal warehouse layout. Some of the research we perform to influence good warehouse design is related to:

  • Facility location and size analysis
  • Capacity analysis
  • Equipment analysis
  • Cross-dock layout and scheduling
  • Facility simulation modeling
  • Process flow analysis
  • Labor and material-handling equipment utilization
  • Operational engineering and process development

Backed by data, you can design a warehouse to address any variable affecting operations. You'll find that strategic warehouse designs influence efficiency in all your processes, from inventory control to production tactics and labor management.

Real Estate and Facilities

Penske brings deep expertise to every facet of warehouse and distribution center management. It starts with facilities and real estate. Beyond the 25.8 million sq. ft. of warehouse space we currently manage, Penske operates over 1000 facilities worldwide. This gives us scale, and our in-house real estate team handles the whole gamut of activity including:

  • Market analysis
  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Build-to-suit planning
  • Lease negotiation and administration

Once we have committed to a site, our facilities management team assumes responsibility. This group of professionals is co-located with our field operation leadership, giving us expert domain knowledge in regional markets. Services include:

  • Vendor selection and procurement
  • Construction management
  • Environmental and regulatory management
  • Sustainable business practices

Labor Management

As a provider of outsourced logistics services, Penske brings exceptional knowledge to each unique business opportunity. We determine the right head count and necessary positions required to cover client needs.


We see the management of information systems as a core strength of our organization. Within Penske, we have an entire IT team dedicated solely to logistics applications. This group maintains a constant interface with our customers, and has a long track record working with our customers' IT teams if necessary. Over 100 associates strong, we have orchestrated dozens of new warehouse start-ups with expertise in key areas such as:

  • Establishing interfaces with shipper's order and ERP systems
  • Connectivity between Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and distribution technologies
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) implementation and management
  • Voice-picking technology
  • Yard management


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