ClearChain Technology Suite

Convert Your Data into Useful Information

You see data all day, every day. It flows from multiple sources at an unprecedented rate. Yet when you're looking to improve your company's bottom line, customer service and overall efficiency, data alone is useless.

To be valuable, you must convert your data into information that can cut through the clutter and help you quickly find what matters most. That level of data visibility drives customer service and lets you make the correct tactical decisions faster than your competitors.

Penske Logistics wants to help you harness the power of your data. To do so, we've developed the ClearChain® technology suite. Driven by more than 25 years of industry knowledge and tier-one industry-leading platforms, ClearChain provides visibility, enhances supply chain optimization, drives business results and keeps operations moving.

Penske Logistics helps you harness the power of your supply chain data using its ClearChain technology suite. ClearChain technology helps provide greater supply chain visibility, enhances supply chain optimization, and drives powerful business results to keep your business moving forward.

Connect All Parts of the Supply Chain

Plan, source, make, deliver and return — this model remains the most widely accepted for supply chains. It is ironclad. Yet, in today's supply chain world, the precision and accuracy of data take on added importance. By creating data transparency and increased visibility, you can use data collection and analysis to make each link in the supply chain even stronger.

Break Down Silos with Real-Time Data

Doing so means breaking down silos. In many businesses, employees may have narrow functions. This creates vast differences in the types and amounts of data each employee collects. When employees operate in silos, they have a limited view of the company's overall operations. You can't connect the dots and uncover new efficiencies until your data is consolidated.

What's more, in the supply chain industry, time is crucial. Shippers with readily accessible and real-time, comprehensive data have a clear advantage. To provide visibility, enhance supply chain optimization, drive business results and keep operations moving, Penske built the ClearChain technology suite. It's powered by Penske's team of supply chain professionals and proven processes.

Maximize Data Security

ClearChain provides complete, accurate and timely data that connects people in the supply chain with the information needed to deliver powerful business results. The information sits within Penske's platform that uses best-in-class capabilities to protect customer data, keep information secure, reduce the risk of security breaches and provide data recovery if needed.

ClearChain is the culmination of decades of industry experience and specific customer requests, resulting in a comprehensive solution designed to benefit Penske customers in every industry. To better serve our customers, Penske built several custom apps to connect customers with the supply chain. Today, those systems can draw on multiple data streams and bring information into a single, easily accessible platform, so users can find it quickly and easily.

Penske's technology team built the ClearChain suite of technology by developing specific applications that integrate with the best commercially available software. ClearChain includes dozens of applications created to enhance these commercial products and solve problems for our most complex customers. Penske's team of supply chain professionals can help you find the best solutions for what you need, turn trouble into opportunity, and utilize a series of checks and balances to ensure accuracy throughout the supply chain.

Drive Powerful Business Results

ClearChain's insights produce many benefits. The visibility allows users to improve the flow of inventory, boost customer service, optimize routes, sync deliveries with production schedules, mitigate supply chain disruptions and more.

Today's shippers face increasingly segmented supply chains due to the growth of e-commerce. ClearChain provides shippers with a single system of record, so they can leverage common back-end resources.

ClearChain relies on the flow of information, and IT departments have a crucial role in ensuring the connectivity between customers' data and Penske's system. Penske can draw on electronic data interchange, GPS technology and electronic on-board recorders for information.

Ultimately, ClearChain brings everything and everyone together to optimize the supply chain, improve service and obtain value. The technology, coupled with the expertise Penske's associates bring to the table, leads to a robust collaboration of people and teams that helps you achieve results faster.

Turn Your Data into Information

Today, data is too valuable to be fragmented. The ClearChain technology suite will put information at your fingertips, all on a single platform, so you can make the kinds of decisions that will put your organization ahead of the curve.


ClearChain Technology Suite

Our technology provides visibility, improves efficiency and keeps supply chains moving.

Secure Your Data

Our data security solutions monitor systems, information and those who access and view data.

Increase Your Visibility

Our technology suite allows users to know what is happening at the touch of a button.

Improve Your Efficiency

Drive efficiency, increase sustainability, optimize the supply chain and reduce your risks.