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Welcome to Penske Logistics Transportation Management

Now that you're part of the Penske Logistics carrier network, please carefully review and complete each section below.

Finding Freight

Penske Logistics currently posts available loads to the Penske load board:

Penske conducts weekly lane bids for contract purposes (this is not a spot load board) and only include lanes for Penske customers:

Penske Brokerage conducts daily/weekly lane bids and include lanes for external customers:

We will also email quote requests for available loads to targeted carriers. Targeted carrier selection is based on past history, carrier service areas and carrier preferred lanes, if provided to Penske Logistics Carrier Relations.

Bidding on a Load

Penske Logistics utilizes an easy-to-use, email-based load quoting process when looking for coverage on loads. Once all quotes are received, we will select the best option for the load.

Tendering Loads from Penske Logistics

If your quote is accepted you will receive a load confirmation tender email.

Once You Accept a Load

Carriers should provide status updates for pickup and delivery online through our PTM Carrier Portal which can be accessed with the login and password included in your welcome email.

Learn how the PTM Carrier Portal can assist you in updating your loads for Penske Logistics by referring to the PTM Carrier Portal User Guide. Download the guide in pdf or access it online.

Carriers can also provide updates, track transports and view reports from our PTM Mobile Link which is available for smart phones. Your username and password for the Mobile link are the same as for the PTM Carrier Portal.

Load Tracking

Intransit load tracking is a requirement for all our loads. We currently use Trucker Tools which can be linked directly through your ELD or with an app through your driver's cell phone. If you would like to register your ELD please do so here. Please note if you are unable to participate in the Trucker Tools program, a macropoint or GPS tracking/live tracking link will need to be provided at least one hour prior to load pick up.

If you are unable to provide live tracking via link/Trucker Tools you will not have full visibility to all Penske loads.

Getting Paid

Penske Logistics pays its carriers through the web-based carrier payment system called the Penske Online Payment System (POPS).

You must first register here to use POPS. These POPS Guidelines will show you how to approve invoices, add accessorials, and upload PODs. If you have any questions on how to use the carrier payment system, please contact our Freight Payment Team by email or call 1-866-569-3291 to be registered for a training class.

IMPORTANT: You are still required to register for POPS and submit invoicing even if you utilize a factoring company. It is still your responsibility to submit invoices in order for your factoring company to receive payments.


If you have any additional questions or need assistance getting started, please email or call our Penske Logistics Sourcing Department at 1-855-678-2145.

Penske Logistics Brokerage Locations

Contact any one of our brokerage locations direct or call us at 1-844-854-8442.

East – Reading, PA

Southeast – Atlanta, GA

West – Chino, CA

Central – Cleveland, OH

Load Board & Brokerage RFP Questions