Use Data to Keep Automotive Production Lines Moving

Get visibility into every part of the automotive supply chain

Use Data to Keep Automotive Production Lines Moving

When a production line goes down, every minute counts. Workers stand idle, millions of dollars can be lost and the ripple effect is felt throughout the entire manufacturing facility. That's why, in the automotive industry, it's imperative to get the right quantity of the right part in the right place at the right time.

The just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery of parts means every automotive supply chain movement must function as planned. An optimally designed automotive supply chain will help you know exactly when you'll receive inbound materials, so you can right-size your workforce when deliveries arrive. It also helps you keep inventory lean, so you won't incur the expense of reserve inventory.

To keep your production lines moving, Penske Logistics leverages decades of industry experience with leading worldwide automakers and tier-one suppliers. Penske understands the power of precise and accurate data and uses it to help give all parties within the supply chain the visibility they need.

Get the Big Picture in Real Time

Using multiple layers of technology, Penske Logistics collects, stores and analyzes data. When combined, that information gives us — and our customers — high-level and detailed views of all supply chain movements in real-time.

On a high level, increased visibility connects all supply chain parties, including suppliers and the manufacturing facility, so everybody gains insight into what is required, what is coming and when it will arrive.

The increased visibility helps optimize routes and manage drivers — and ensures goods remain in motion. By knowing the exact location and circumstances surrounding a load, you can respond rapidly to any potential disruptions and correct them either before or as they occur.

Dive into the Details

Penske's technology also permits all parties in the supply chain to drill down into the granular details of each order, including the status, scheduled pickup and delivery times, actual pickup and delivery times, origin, destination and part-level detail. This visibility to detail allows users to see precisely what is being shipped and where it is in the supply chain.

As a result, you can compare the quantity of pieces ordered to the amount shipped. If there's a shortage, you can use that data to get ahead of any potential production issues. Detailed data also allows you to fine-tune production schedules and accurately schedule labor.

Customize the Data You Receive

Through Penske Logistics, you can customize the notifications you receive about supply chain movements. For example, you can receive advance notice on deliveries, get real-time updates from inbound suppliers or obtain advance notice if a disruption occurs.

Real-time data also helps improve your planning process. You can better manage the in-gate timing of carriers, avoid premium routing and more effectively manage budget, on-time rates and effectiveness.

In the automotive industry, every minute counts. With precise data and supply chain visibility, you can take control of your production line, minimize disruption and keep goods flowing.

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