Automotive Logistics Solutions

Award-Winning Auto Logistics Solutions

Penske Logistics is ranked as one of the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners by Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies magazine, and Global Logistics Supplier of the Year. Let us show you how our winning strategies can streamline your automotive supply chain and maximize efficiency.

With decades of industry experience working with leading automakers and tier-one suppliers from around the globe, Penske Logistics can help you:

  • Improve the product development cycle for a successful launch
  • Drive dynamic automotive supply chain solutions
  • Achieve record savings

Apply Industry-Tailored IT Solutions

We deliver customizable IT solutions to meet specific service requirements and develop custom networks addressing your service and cost concerns.

Manage and Monitor Your Automotive Supply Chain

We employ warehouse management systems, transportation management tracking, pick-up verification and point-of-pickup confirmations. Our expertise in regional and international transportation management facilitates imports and exports of cross-border shipments with international suppliers.

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