Healthcare and Medical Supplies

Traceability That Ensures Quality and Safety

We understand how important product quality and chain of custody are in the healthcare industry. At Penske, we ensure product quality through e-pedigree and real-time track and trace capabilities to provide product traceability through the entire supply chain.

Improve Service, Reduce Costs

We make sure you are equipped with the right medical products at the right time. We optimize efficiency in order management and delivery operations, enabling you to deliver the best service while decreasing operational costs.

Meet Critical Demands in Less Time

We can help you avoid supply chain congestion and synchronize your operations with demand, keeping your logistics network optimized.

Improve Process Efficiency

We reduce the time and manpower required to order, track, deliver, and stock medical products by identifying and resolving inefficiencies to meet time-sensitive delivery goals critical to human health.

Reduce Unnecessary Inventory

Our JIT systems, facilities network, medical logistics technology, and transport and warehousing services allow you to have the right amount of product at the right time — no more, no less — for optimized medical supply inventory control.

Achieve Supply Chain Visibility

Our services and technologies track all activity—from supplier ordering to product delivery — allowing you to gain control of your supply chain by:

  • Monitoring order and delivery status
  • Resolving potential roadblocks
  • Reducing costly inefficiencies