ClearChain® Control

Take your supply chain to the next level with visibility, orchestration, insights and control

The management of supply chains continues to take on greater importance in boardrooms around the world. As the business community makes considerable strides in developing supporting infrastructure — churning out more graduates of supply chain programs and pouring capital into technology firms — businesses see an opportunity for insights and improvement within the vast amounts of data created by supply chain activities.

Driven by these tailwinds, digital supply chains are evolving before our eyes. Yet businesses have significant investments in legacy systems and teams that manage different supply chain pieces, including various disciplines such as planning, procurement, manufacturing, transportation and inventory management, and order fulfillment, not to mention the related flows of financial information and data. The lack of familiarity or integration of disparate systems across functions can also impede progress. Sometimes, just making sure the right people have the correct information is not easy in large, complex organizations.

The Next Generation of Supply Chain Control

ClearChain Control harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to manage supply chain complexities in a world of increasing disruption. With ClearChain Control, visibility is just the beginning. ClearChain Control gives you insights to interpret, understand and act in real time to manage any supply chain challenge you may face.

With ClearChain Control, you will gain:

  • Visibility
  • Orchestration
  • Insights
  • Control

Real-Time Visibility Into Your Freight

ClearChain Control integrates all relevant systems and data streams, giving you the ability to see shipments from end to end, across suppliers, carriers, internal systems, all the way to the customer. This integration includes data streams that cut across functions and systems, and data streams that are internal to the shipper or reside within systems run by their trading partners. This high level of integration creates status visibility across all nodes, including purchase orders, inventory and warehouse capacity. Thanks to Penske's expertise in integration, ClearChain Control brings these benefits and more without requiring changes to any systems you may already have in place.

Orchestration of Your Supply Chain

Visibility is essential but unto itself, it is not a solution. ClearChain Control positions a team of Penske practitioners working side by side with a shipper's supply chain staff to achieve measurable supply chain outcomes — together. ClearChain Control provides a relevant landscape of all supply chain activity in a single view for executives, enabling the management of strategy. It also offers moment-to-moment actionable insight to supply chain practitioners, identifying exceptions, orchestrating resolution, taking corrective action. This sets the stage for the synchronization of planning, order management, inventory and transportation.

Gaining Meaningful Insights

The focus of ClearChain Control is on achieving outcomes, and to get there, Penske brings a focus on data. Aligning the supply chain components opens the door to new KPIs. Predictive escalations around inventory and order fulfillment help manage priorities like on-time in-full (OTIF). Machine learning algorithms facilitate prescriptive resolution, serving up corrective action opportunities that drive value across the supply chain.

Taking Control

ClearChain Control lets you discover, interpret and act on real-time information from the entire digital landscape, including third-party data sources. Leveraging the power of machine learning lets you stay ahead of disruptions, giving you the control — the power — you need to take your supply chain and your business to the next level. The future of supply chain management is here today. ClearChain Control.

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