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Looping process ensures continuous production

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Aluminum manufacturer Novelis faced an intriguing business challenge: how do you provide a continuous supply of aluminum to support production of a highly-anticipated pickup truck at plants located hundreds of miles away — all while ensuring safety and sustainability, optimizing capital investment, and providing efficiency, flexibility and visibility into shipments?

The answer turned out to be a closed-loop recycling network that moves finished aluminum coils from a fabrication facility in Oswego, New York to various production stamping plants in Michigan, New York and Kentucky and then transports the aluminum scrap generated from the stamping process back to the Oswego re-melt facility to be incorporated into new coil production. The entire process runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a truck heading out on the road approximately every 40 minutes.

The machinery inside Novelis North America's Oswego, N.Y., plant moves 25 to 30-ton pieces of aluminum every minute.That's why safety is Novelis' core value. So, when Novelis entered the automotive market, it sought a responsive logistics partner who could help it deliver aluminum to its customers without compromising safety. It turned to Penske. Not only did Penske associates help Novelis fulfill just-in-time deliveries and keep its employees safe, but they also helped to brainstorm performance improvement ideas. Together, Penske and Novelis designed their own universal trailers that are now the core of Novelis' dedicated fleet for this program. See how Penske collaborated with Novelis to deliver an innovative supply chain and logistics solution.