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State of Logistics

Data and insights in the 33rd Annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) State of Logistics Report® help shippers and carriers plan their business strategy for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

The 33rd Annual State of Logistics report, titled Out of Sync, indicates that U.S.-based supply chains are still adjusting to short-term changes and uncovering long-term solutions to disruptions caused by the pandemic and other global events. To learn more, download the Executive Summary.

"For the industry to 'get its sync back' and return to a more balanced long-term growth trajectory, it will need to invest in the ideas and capabilities that will make it more resilient — come what may."

~2022 State of Logistics Report

Top Findings

  • U.S. business logistics costs (USBLC) were elevated by 22.4% to $1.85 trillion, representing 8% of 2021's $23 trillion gross domestic product (GDP).
  • Business inventories dropped to near historic lows, but the costs associated with storing, handling and financing these items rose considerably.
  • Efforts to increase multi-shoring are destined to accelerate.
  • Last mile delivery volume is trending upward.
  • Trucking freight sees more volume and opportunities.