Freight Management

Managing the Movement of Freight Has Never Been More Demanding

Managing freight requires more than simply matching shipments to carriers. Today's supply chain is more complex, variable and demanding. With high delivery expectations, multiple carriers, capacity fluctuations and service compliance – all areas where costly disruptions can occur – freight management is more critical than ever.

Penske freight management solutions provide visibility and control over your network, create the most efficient routes to move product, and help you get the most from carriers. What makes Penske different is our ability to focus on and affect the entire freight management process, including tactical planning and procurement, as well as accounting functionality.

Penske freight management solutions can track and manage every piece of a company's transportation infrastructure. We help deliver value in these main areas:

  • Network Reliability
  • Cost Control
  • Supply Chain Visibility

These components help you deliver value to your bottom line and provide a tangible ROI that your organization demands.

Whether you need a 3PL or 4PL partner, Penske has a long and distinguished track record as a lead logistics provider. Today, Penske's services encompass virtually every stage of freight management as we continue to provide superior service to the end customer.

Flexible Options to Solve your Freight Management Challenges

For everyday freight movements, Penske secures carrying capacity for shippers in a wide range of industries. We ensure all shipments are delivered on time and in full. Penske's freight brokerage services negotiate single-lane and/or multi-lane contracts that align with your performance and budgetary targets.

If your cargo movement needs are time critical, high value, or customer priority, we've got you covered. Penske's premium and expedite services solve your freight challenges with import/export capabilities, air freight service, and ground expedite.

Capitalize on Opportunities With Full Freight Management Services

Many companies opt to contract with Penske Logistics to take on their freight management needs. Penske develops customized freight management solutions in harmony with your supply chain strategy and business goals and we can manage your transportation network for you, allowing you to streamline your network using advanced analytics and modeling tools.

Penske also provides value-add services such as the management of material flows and inventory to unlock value across the supply chain. The scope of such partnerships is limited only by your requirements. Penske can leverage an outsource relationship to reach deep into a company's supply chain and capture efficiencies that previously were out of reach. As a logistics partner, Penske helps companies control costs, improve freight network reliability, and deliver outstanding visibility across your network.

Drive Visibility With Advanced Supply Chain Technology

Information-sharing, analysis, collaboration and decision-making are vital for creating a supply chain that is geared for growth and optimal efficiency. You need a team that can dissect information, communicate with suppliers and model different outcomes. This analytical approach to data is driven by visibility, which not only improves your supply chain performance today, it also helps you prepare for future growth. As you access and accumulate information and continue to improve the supply chain, your demand forecasting and business planning improves as well. You can save money by reducing inventory when demand is expected to be low, improve on-time deliveries and respond more quickly to potential issues.

Penske's industry-leading ClearChain® Technology Suite tracks every load in near real-time and conveys the data to you in clear, actionable formats. Our dashboards monitor the performance metrics you need to manage and control costs to maintain exceptional service levels.

Besides real-time visibility to your freight in transit, ClearChain also delivers visibility to the intricate details that you want to track within each shipment. Therefore, the more attributes you attach to a specific load, the more feedback ClearChain can provide. For example, general load information, itineraries, load references and load events provide ClearChain with more information that can ultimately lead to better direction in the area of business intelligence, predictive analytics and market benchmarking.

Engineering Transportation Solutions to Improve Your ROI

Penske is committed to maximizing the efficiency of your freight management operations. Our network design engineers work with you to set up your network for speed and flexibility by selecting and analyzing facility locations and integrating them into your supply chain.

By leveraging our full portfolio of transportation solutions, Penske also evaluates mode selection, backhaul opportunities and consolidation prospects and allows us to create a customized solution for you. By consistently seeking out new ways to improve your supply chain and freight management operations, we can create a strong ROI by capitalizing on cost savings, cost avoidance and cost mitigation to build a continuous improvement strategy for the future.

As one of the logistics industry's longest-serving 3PLs, our cutting-edge solutions make us the provider of choice for leading brands in multiple markets including automotive, CPG, food and beverage, manufacturing, and more. Today, we manage more than $5.5 billion worth of freight on behalf of our customers.

We also have more than 12,000 carriers under contract, giving us the power to deliver consistency and capacity on a constant basis. We consistently evaluate supplier and carrier compliance and we perform exception monitoring that provides visibility into late running loads, allowing critical communication and actions to be taken, saving valuable time and money.

Managing the movement of freight has never been more demanding. And, choosing the right supply chain provider to do the job for you has never been more important.

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