Get Back to Business with Minimal Disruption

New e-book offers five steps to restarting operations following a shutdown

Supply Chain Restart Guide

From pandemic-related economic concerns to adverse weather events, traffic snarls and holiday-related closures, disruption poses a greater long-term threat to the global supply chain today than at any time in recent memory.

But shutdowns carry a silver lining: the opportunity to plan better and build a more resilient supply chain.

This new e-book from Penske Logistics provides you with a five-step Supply Chain Restart Guide. You'll get important tips on how to get back to business with minimal disruption, including insight on how to:

  • Examine your carrier base
  • Review your supply base
  • Develop a Plan "B" and a Plan "C"
  • Evaluate your entire network
  • Seek greater visibility

Download and read the entire e-book. Then follow the five steps to create a more responsive, agile and flexible supply chain that will help your company withstand future shutdowns and drive business forward, faster.