Multi-Client Warehousing

Penske provides clean, safe, secure and scalable public warehousing solutions

Your inventory represents a critical piece of your business. With emphasis on safety and flexibility, Penske Logistics is a global warehousing and distribution leader. Featuring a public warehousing solution that gives you the benefit of Penske expertise with the flexibility to manage seasonal surges and temporary warehousing needs, our bonded warehouse facilities are strategically located and provide a range of services:

  • Cross-docking/trans-loading
  • Freight consolidation
  • Hi-cube racking and floor stacking
  • In-house trucking
  • Performance reports
  • Pick 'n pack
  • 24-hour order processing/same-day shipments

Our Public Warehouse Facilities

We provide clean, safe, secure and scalable warehousing solutions dedicated to filling your orders on time and meeting your business and compliance needs. Our warehouses are:

CLEAN – Penske warehouses are ultra-clean, with some food-grade facilities available.

SAFE – Penske warehouses are equipped with fully automatic sprinkler systems and central station monitoring. For goods in transit, we provide load visibility to help protect shipments and monitor chain-of-custody shifts.

SECURE – Penske warehouses offer closed-circuit televisions, guards as needed, intrusion detection, access control and fenced yards. We also take additional safety measures such as working with carriers to time loads and minimize stagnation, which reduces the risk of theft.

SCALABLE – Penske can work with you to meet most space requirements, providing you with the flexibility to deal with seasonal fluctuations and market change. Additionally, we offer a global network of supply chain locations that moves your freight to wherever it needs to go.

HIGH-TECH – We use the latest material-handling equipment and technology to keep your inventory moving, including JDA, WMS, RF and voice-picking.

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Penske begins creating a comprehensive plan through information collection to gain an understanding of your corresponding needs. We are then able to provide a quote based on the information collected.

Once the parameters of the contract are discussed, a contract is created. For public warehousing agreements, Penske uses a standard contract approved by the International Warehouse Logistics Association.

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Warehousing and Distribution

Warehouse Design

We evaluate warehouse design strategically and provide solutions for streamlined operations.

Warehouse Operations

Penske’s state-of-the-art warehouse engineering improves every procedure, from receiving to inventory management to returnable container programs.

Multi-Client Warehousing

We evaluate warehouse design strategically and provide solutions for streamlined operations.

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