Improve Your Efficiency

Drive Supply Chain Optimization

Reduce cost. Improve customer service. Increase efficiency. They're goals almost every business strives to achieve. You may have many ways to achieve them. But how can you carefully measure each goal and effectively get the most bang for your buck?

You may not have to look far to find the answer. You'll likely identify efficiency improvements within your vast network of inbound information. It flows from multiple sources and, on paper, looks like a big web of data. To get full value from your data, you need an organized repository that will give you a single, high-level, comprehensive view of your overall operations.

The ClearChain®Technology Suite provides an easily accessible repository. Drawing on your data, Penske Logistics works with you and your shippers and carriers to optimize shipments, reduce miles, cut transportation costs, improve asset utilization and provide better service.

See your total transportation spend

With the comprehensive view provided by ClearChain, you can optimize your network and ensure you have the information you need when you need it. In addition, consolidated information provides a single, comprehensive view of a company's total transportation spend.

Increase efficiency

By evaluating the entire network — including sourcing locations and product demand —you can drive the overall engineering of the supply chain and increase efficiency. For example, you can look at which warehouses stock which products. At the same time, that information will allow providers to optimize routes.

Use what-if scenarios to guide strategic decisions

Data also allows Penske and its customers to run what-if scenarios, study the network and drive additional optimization. On a strategic level, you can model what-if scenarios to see how things like a change in suppliers, customer acquisition or increasing the number of cross-docks impact costs and transportation.

On a tactical level, data can drive strategic decisions on a weekly or monthly basis. For example, increased visibility could show there are two shipments of the same items scheduled just two days apart. Associates and customers can work together to create a what-if scenario regarding what would happen if they held the first order.

When designing what-if scenarios, Penske looks at the true final cost, factoring in the effects changes would have to the customer's fleet, overall transportation costs, labor expenses and physical space.

Optimize transportation needs

In addition, ClearChain pulls data from several sources and makes recommendations on the number of tractors, trailers and drivers needed to support operations. The technology also connects transportation providers with the warehouse to provide additional visibility and insight into inventory and operations inside the four walls.

Get regular status updates

Once an order is placed or a load is tendered, ClearChain can track every product for a shipper, providing real-time updates on the status and cost of a load. These insights can drive decisions in the field. Customers can log on to see their products' locations and receive alerts if any problems arise.

Behind the scenes, Penske associates monitor potential disruptions as well as the real-time status of loads. That insight lets associates and customers react quickly to any problem so they can take action. It also allows customers to make their overall network faster on both a strategic and tactical level.

Your data is too valuable to be scattered throughout your network. By creating a single repository for your data, ClearChain gives you the power to drive efficiency, increase sustainability, optimize the supply chain and create what-if scenarios that effectively measure potential benefits and reduce your risks.


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Our technology provides visibility, improves efficiency and keeps supply chains moving.

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Improve Your Efficiency

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