Increase Visibility in the Warehouse

While speed drives business results, accuracy — enabled by ClearChain technology — drives customer satisfaction

Three people in a warehouse

Speed. It’s the driving force behind everything in today’s supply chain. Products move from the manufacturer to the end user faster than ever. The number of SKUs increases daily. And consumers have more choices than ever.

For logistics and warehouse providers, time is of the essence. You need to know exactly what’s inside your warehouse and where it’s located so you can find it fast and replenish your inventory as needed. You must track each step of the process, because even slight inventory variations can cause supply chain disruptions.

You need to see the entire flow of inventory inside your warehouse. That includes receiving it into your system, moving it to a storage location, managing orders, directing warehouse associates to complete the order and accurately recording shipments out of inventory.

To help give you visibility, data and insights, Penske Logistics offers a mix of technologies within the ClearChain®Technology Suite, backed by industry-leading expertise. ClearChain tracks the flow of inventory through and around the warehouse, monitors product velocity and provides advance notice of arrivals.

Manage Yard Traffic to Optimize Movement

ClearChain captures data in several ways. Information about incoming and outbound products can be transmitted electronically between supply chain partners so business transactions and their related details are automatically loaded into the core system.

Visibility also optimizes door-to-door movement within the warehouse yard, and the system can track where trailers are as they move or are parked for later processing.

Use Algorithms to Constantly Monitor Inventory

ClearChain’s warehouse management application tracks the flow of inventory throughout the warehouse. Data allows users to track a product from the initial receipt to the final pick, down to the individual SKU. This ensures a quick response in the event of a recall or a spike in demand.

Engineers examine warehouse management data to create algorithms that identify the ideal locations for products to be slotted and stored. This function helps ensure you can slot “high runner” SKUs in a forward pick location. In addition, Warehouse Manager’s continual data analysis gives you the flexibility to shift that slotting as needed. Slotting patterns can vary based on the season, upcoming promotions and consumer demand. They also can change to keep you ahead of supply chain disruptions.

“We work with our customers to manage SKUs, which is one of the most difficult tasks for many manufacturers and retailers.”
—Dave Bushee, vice president of logistics technology, Penske Logistics

When a warehouse adds new SKUs, Penske Logistics associates work in advance to capture SKU data and other relevant information. Then they make recommendations to receive it, slot it, pick it and ship it appropriately.

Adjust Warehouse Workforce Appropriately

Increased visibility helps operators manage the workforce within the warehouse. At times, the workforce can increase by up to 30 percent based on picking needs. With ClearChain, operators can log into the system to see what is headed for the warehouse and when it is scheduled to arrive so they can schedule the appropriate labor.

“Data allows you to maximize the number of picks an associate can do within a facility while also touching products as little as possible.”
—Dave Bushee, vice president of logistics technology, Penske Logistics

Help Warehouse Employees Excel

The technology also allows companies to define and document standard performance expectations. It then measures, tracks and reports the performance of employees, departments and facilities. That makes it easy to manage an employee recognition program, analyze labor trends and create customized coaching to help employees improve their performance.

While speed drives business results, accuracy drives customer satisfaction. The ClearChain technology suite helps to bridge gaps between your warehouse, your labor force and the supply chain. This can allow you to work at optimum efficiency without sacrificing accuracy.


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