Keep Your Supply Chain Moving

Real-time Data for Seamless Operations

When the supply chain stops moving, you feel the effects immediately. Deliveries arrive late. Shippers run the risk of incurring fees. Labor sits idle. Production lines, retail customers and online shoppers all rely on the seamless flow of goods. You can't afford any supply chain hiccups.

Many factors play a role in keeping the supply chain moving. Each brings its unique challenges and opportunities. To effectively manage the process, ensure on-time deliveries and keep everything on track, you need visibility and real-time data. You also need to rest assured that your data is secure and available.

"The precision and accuracy of information and its ability to keep the supply chain moving is becoming even more important."
—Andy Moses, senior vice president of sales and solutions, Penske Logistics

Optimize the supply chain to drive results

The ClearChain®Technology Suite works together to give you a high-level, detailed view of all supply chain movements and ensure nothing stops. This added visibility allows users to optimize routes, manage drivers and ensure goods remain in motion. When you can see the exact location and circumstances surrounding a load, you can find opportunities to correct a problem before or as it occurs.

See granular data on all parts of the supply chain

ClearChain users can drill down into all of the information associated with an order, including the status, scheduled pickup and delivery, actual pickup and delivery, origin, destination and the part-level detail of each shipment.

ClearChain technology suite also supports:

  • Delivery and order management
  • Route planning and scheduling
  • Fleet management and dispatching
  • Onboard communication to optimize routes and keep the supply chain moving

Reduce disruptions

If a disruption occurs, ClearChain's apps bring instant visibility. Together, Penske associates and customers find the best ways to mitigate the disruption and navigate around it.

ClearChain applications are able to share relevant data. This connectivity gives you real-time visibility of available assets when you need additional capacity to complete a move.

Rest assured with best-in-class data security

Because information drives successful supply chain operations, data must be secure and available. Penske uses best-in-class capabilities to provide secure data storage and analysis. This means your information stays protected, gets backed up appropriately, and always remains accessible.

Technology keeps your supply chain moving

At the end of every shipment is a person or group of people waiting on a load. When the supply chain stops moving, people keep waiting, creating many potential financial, customer service and operational headaches. By using the ClearChain technology suite, you can access data that will help you ensure continuous operations, satisfy your customers and drive business results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Supply Chian Technology

What is supply chain technology? 

Supply chain technology refers to the digital software and equipment used to support the organization and management of a supply chain.

What is the latest supply chain technology?

Digital supply chains are evolving before our eyes. The next generation of supply chain trends will include advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the internet of things (IoT). ClearChain® Control, Penske’s proprietary technology, harnesses the power of AI and ML to manage complexities and provide actionable insights from across your supply chain network.

How does technology help the supply chain?

Supply chain technology helps to:

  • Monitor, identify and predict disruptions
  • Forecast problems and resolve issues before they happen
  • Maintain full visibility
  • Review past problems
  • Enchance supply chain optimization
  • Drive business results

How will technologies change the supply chain in the future?

Utilizing technology will allow increased visibility and data availability, leading to improved decision-making and better business results. Technologies like ClearChain Control also allow businesses to access various supply chain management systems through one powerful tool.

What role does technology play in logistics?

For logistics, technology can provide increased supply chain productivity, minimization of costs and errors, increased visibility, enhanced data and more.

How is technology used to enhance logistics?

Technology can provide enhancements such as faster delivery times, predictive analytics from AI and ML-powered software like ClearChain Control, full visibility and real-time data that’s secure.


ClearChain Technology Suite

Our technology provides visibility, improves efficiency and keeps supply chains moving.

Secure Your Data

Our data security solutions monitor systems, information, and those who access and view data.

Increase Your Visibility

Our technology suite allows users to know what is happening at the touch of a button.

Improve Your Efficiency

Drive efficiency, increase sustainability, optimize the supply chain and reduce your risks.

Keep Your Supply Chain Moving

Access data to ensure continuous operations, satisfy customers and drive business results.