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Penske Logistics Enhances its Freight Brokerage Shipment Visibility Technology

Penske Logistics has added new end-to-end mobile automation tools to its freight brokerage solutions for increased shipment visibility. With the addition of the Trucker Tools load tracking solution, Penske customers, and its carrier network, are provided with intelligent smartphone and ELD solutions.

"This new offering will allow us to remove much of the manual processes involved with truck shipment ETA, pickup and delivery," explained LeAnne Coulter, vice president of freight management for Penske Logistics. "Now, our network of carriers can safely concentrate on reaching their destinations in a timely manner. Our customers have really taken to these capabilities."

Geofencing technology provides near real-time visibility of shipment arrivals and departures and provides electronic proof-of-delivery documentation, all on a smartphone. This allows for a high rate of tracking compliance.

Penske Logistics has more than $5.5 billion in freight under management. When there are supplemental freight needs, customers want to know that their freight will reach its destination safely while on time and on budget. Penske Logistics offers award-winning freight brokerage solutions to help handle seasonal needs, capacity surges and challenging lanes.

By "Move Ahead" Staff