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Increase Supply Chain Agility by Planning Ahead

Scenario planning is vital in order to pivot through unforeseen obstacles

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Beyond Technology Table Stakes: Executive Insights for Tech-Enabled Supply Chain Management

Data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence give supply chains an advantage

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Manufacturing Growth in Mexico Creates New Service Demands

Know the intricacies of doing business in Mexico

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How AI Is Transforming Supply Chain Management

AI optimizes the supply chain when used in conjunction with humans, not as a replacement

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Emerging Technologies Are Shaping the Future of the Supply Chain

Technology can drive pricing, route optimization and decision-making

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The Benefits of Converting a Private Fleet to Dedicated Transportation

Shift your focus back to business with a dedicated team of carriers

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Data Integrity Drives Operational Excellence in the Supply Chain

Data quality and transparency determine success or setbacks

Tracy Urbanski

Tracy Urbanski

Senior Vice President of Operations

Marcus Werren

Marcus Werren

Senior Vice President of Operations

Justin Howes

Justin Howes

Senior Vice President of Operations


Transportation Management Solutions

Gain visibility, add value and reduce cost with Penske Logistics

Penske helps you plan, source, coordinate, and track third-party shipments throughout your network.
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Increase Visibility on Brokered Loads

How data and technology make the difference

Full visibility ensures shippers always know where their freight is, but providing it can be challenging. We have tips on making it easier.