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Data Integrity Drives Operational Excellence in the Supply Chain

Data quality and transparency determine success or setbacks

Tracy Urbanski

Tracy Urbanski

Senior Vice President of Operations

Marcus Werren

Marcus Werren

Senior Vice President of Operations

Justin Howes

Justin Howes

Senior Vice President of Operations


Transportation Management Solutions

Gain visibility, add value and reduce cost with Penske Logistics

Penske helps you plan, source, coordinate, and track third-party shipments throughout your network.
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Increase Visibility on Brokered Loads

How data and technology make the difference

Full visibility ensures shippers always know where their freight is, but providing it can be challenging. We have tips on making it easier.
Two professionals shake hands in a warehouse setting.

Six Factors To Consider When Choosing a Freight Broker

How to build a partnership you can trust

Freight brokers play a critical role in connecting shippers with available capacity, but finding the right broker can be challenging. Here's how you do it.
A Penske freight brokerage driver smiles at the camera as he opens the door to his Penske truck.

Three Freight Brokerage Trends To Watch

How you can improve communication, save time and reduce the risk of human error

With its continued advancement, technology can be a differentiator among freight brokers. Learn how and why having the latest tech makes a difference.

Freight Forwarding

Efficient, reliable and customized freight forwarding solutions

Penske Logistics offers efficient and customized freight forwarding solutions to help you navigate the complexities of global supply chains.
A white Penske Logistics truck delivers cargo.

Determining When to Use Contract vs. Spot Freight Solutions

How to maximize spend, optimize shipping and mitigate risk

Warehouse workers manage boxes on a forklift.

3PLs Lease More Warehouse Space as Shippers Seek Out Their Services

Growing demand and pandemic partnerships offer efficiency and value-adds