Consumer Products

Exceed Retailer Expectations

Penske Logistics becomes an extension of your company to handle all kinds of goods — from home furnishings and appliances to fresh foods, packaged consumables, beverages and more. We deliver the business results you expect by making sure your goods arrive on time, undamaged and in the correct quantities.

  • Penske optimizes ordering, picking, loading, unloading and transportation operations.
  • Third-party logistics services and technologies track all activity, from supplier compliance and ordering to product delivery.

Reduce Sourcing Costs

We evaluate alternatives and explore shared service models to reduce costs by shipping commingled freight on the same truck.

Improve Process Efficiency

Penske's consumer packaged goods logistics solutions maximize resources and capabilities by resolving inefficiencies.

Achieve Supply Chain Visibility

We evaluate the need for your network to support peak seasonal volume and show you possible redesigns that minimize the impact on transportation costs.

Streamline Material Flow

We use dedicated fleet and transportation management services to help you reduce inbound and outbound transportation costs through route and network optimization.