Transportation Management Solutions

Gain visibility, add value and reduce cost with Penske Logistics

You need to know exactly where your product is going, and what kind of returns you get on your spending. Our expertise and years of experience across all industries, combined with our proprietary ClearChain®Technology Suite, give you full visibility and effective, efficient transportation management solutions so you Never Stop Moving™.

Our experienced logistics engineers will work with you to design data-driven solutions that will align your supply chain with your business goals. No matter your industry, or the complexity of your transportation requirements, we can help you gain efficiencies through expert analysis, proven process strategy and the latest modeling technology.

Transportation Management Expertise

When you are managing the movement of domestic or international material, transportation systems can be complex—Penske can help. We maximize the efficiency of your ground transportation with milk runs, cross-dock shipments, consolidation streams, backhauls and coordination of supplier shipments—optimizing every route for the highest level of productivity.

Penske sources capacity from over 14,000 approved carriers and manages over 21.5 million annual shipments a year. That's $7.4 billion in freight that our customers trust us with – because they know we're on top of their freight 24/7.

Core Transportation Management Services

  • Source third-party carriers
  • Providing the latest TMS technology
  • Planning and executing shipments
  • Execute daily load tendering

We can also help you with:

  • Order management, planning and optimization
  • Carrier procurement and management
  • Load tendering and tracking
  • Fleet integration
  • Freight bill audit and payment
  • Claims management
  • Metrics and analytics

Powered by an Industry-Leading Transportation Management System

Information keeps today's supply chains running, and smart technology is driving the speed and accuracy of data. A transportation management system (TMS) provides a wealth of information. And sometimes it can feel like too much. It is important to turn data into accessible knowledge. In order to do that, we integrated our industry-leading transportation management system into our ClearChain technology suite.

ClearChain keeps track of your freight by capturing GPS data on carriers' loads. This allows Penske associates to see where any carrier is at any point in time. The information feeds into the operation management dashboard, which sits on top of the transportation management system and aggregates all of the data, pulling everything together and keeping everyone instantly informed.

Managing Transportation to Cross the Border

Successful border crossings require expertise, visibility and seamless communication. Due to government regulations, they also require additional, specific documentation and careful planning for carriers and shippers alike.

With more than 30 years of experience crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, Penske Logistics has the procedures and relationships in place to get goods across the border quickly and efficiently. Penske uses its reliable, proprietary transportation management technology to aid manufacturers and move products from origin to final destination while reducing transit time and minimizing costs.

Transportation Services

Transportation Management Solutions

Penske helps you plan, source, coordinate, and track third-party shipments throughout your network.

Truckload Shipping Services

Dry van truckload shipping services provide a reliable and efficient method of moving goods across varying distances.