Increase Visibility on Brokered Loads

How data and technology make the difference

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Near real-time load tracking and freight visibility ensure shippers know where their freight is at all times. However, providing visibility can be a challenge in freight brokerage. Brokers aggregate capacity from carriers of all sizes; those carriers operate different systems and have different tech-related capabilities.

As a broker, Penske works with tens of thousands of carriers. To get the near real-time, continuous visibility shippers need, we use a variety of solutions to get carrier updates and load information seamlessly.

“We’ve upped our game for visibility,” said Brian Kenney, vice president of brokerage for Penske Logistics. “In-transit visibility has become very important, and we want to make sure our carrier partners are tracking compliant.”

We automated the transmission of data about a load’s status, increasing efficiency while eliminating the need for manual phone calls to drivers.

Kenney said the gold standard is integrating with carriers’ electronic logging devices (ELDs), which are used to monitor drivers’ hours of service and vehicle movements. “That is what we’re pushing for with carriers, but we don’t have it with all of them,” he said.

When ELD integration isn’t in place, Penske has app-based and text-based tracking solutions that carriers and drivers can choose from. Drivers can download an app that automatically tracks movements. If drivers don’t want constant tracking, they can opt for a text option that will request periodic updates. “We can send them a ping, and they can respond with ‘yes’ to transmit their data,” Kenney said.

In addition to offering the Penske mobile app, we have established third-party integrations with several widely used industry-leading applications.

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