There are a lot of issues keeping logistics, transportation and supply chain managers up at night right now. Labor shortages, transportation capacity crunches, persistent supply chain disruptions, rising fuel costs and geopolitical disputes are just some of the outside factors impacting the steady flow of goods. Customers also expect faster deliveries and are placing more online orders, two forces that only add to the complexity of planning, securing and budgeting for transportation.

Download and read the entire e-book to understand how using shared dedicated transportation networks could be the answer to overcoming some of your most pressing supply chain issues.

When it comes to creating your perfect warehouse strategy, there are a wide range of challenges to consider. From demand variability and shipping windows to managing costs and meeting customer expectations to simply figuring out the best way to organize your inventory, many elements must be factored in for not only what you’ll need today, but also what you’ll require tomorrow.

Penske has put together a guide to help users think about and plan for the optimal warehouse to meet their distinctive business needs. We examine all facets of the warehousing process, including:

  • Warehousing options
  • Whether to lease, buy or build
  • Site considerations
  • Making the most of your warehouse space
  • Inventory management best practices
  • Warehouse management technologies
  • Smart warehouse technologies
  • Labor management

As a renowned leader in the warehouse and supply chain industry, Penske works with businesses all over the world to make the most of their square footage and minimize the risks that can hinder warehouse operations. Our strategic warehouse designs influence efficiency in all your processes, from inventory control to production tactics and labor management.

With warehouse design playing such a critical role in an efficient supply chain, you’ll enjoy this in-depth guide that helps direct you through important factors to consider when planning your warehouse operations.

When it comes to choosing a Dedicated Contract Carriage (DCC) provider, it’s important to identify your requirements and fully understand the benefits of a well-structured DCC arrangement before starting the selection process. That’s why we created this guide – to make available the critical information you need to make the best decision possible. Whether you currently operate a private truck fleet, utilize common carriers, or are evaluating the options available in ground transportation, this booklet will be a helpful resource in determining if DCC is right for you. It also provides a “how-to” in selecting a specific provider as your dedicated carrier.

There are many new entrants into the DCC market as the product continues to evolve. The more you know about DCC, the better decisions you can make for your transportation needs.

Visibility and collaboration are at the core of a successful inbound freight operation. By successfully improving overall visibility, you can identify a potential problem earlier and build in a necessary contingency plan.

This new e-book from Penske Logistics includes information about how to create the perfect inbound solution, by taking a detailed look at a variety of options, including:

  • How to effectively make a change in providers
  • What private fleets can do for you
  • The best way to incorporate freight management services
  • Dedicated contract carriage and the ability to secure capacity
  • Keys to finding the right transportation partner

Then take the necessary steps to discover how you can maximize your freight management solutions.

From pandemic-related economic concerns to adverse weather events, traffic snarls and holiday-related closures, disruption poses a greater long-term threat to the global supply chain today than at any time in recent memory.

But shutdowns carry a silver lining: the opportunity to plan better and build a more resilient supply chain.

This new e-book from Penske Logistics provides you with a five-step Supply Chain Restart Guide. You'll get important tips on how to get back to business with minimal disruption, including insight on how to:

  • Examine your carrier base
  • Review your supply base
  • Develop a Plan "B" and a Plan "C"
  • Evaluate your entire network
  • Seek greater visibility

Download and read the entire e-book. Then follow the five steps to create a more responsive, agile and flexible supply chain that will help your company withstand future shutdowns and drive business forward, faster.

At its heart, transportation management helps companies move freight at the lowest possible cost. And while cost remains an important consideration, so too do customer service, inventory control, change management and multiple other priorities.

This new e-book from Penske Logistics explores nine additional ways that modern transportation management solutions drive a competitive advantage. You'll learn how having quick access to real-time data increases visibility. You'll uncover secrets on how to become a shipper of choice. And you'll learn how to choose a solution that will scale with your company as it grows.

Download and read the entire e-book and begin creating a modern transportation management solution that fits today's business needs.

Merely having access to supply chain data is table stakes. To provide maximum value, companies need visibility. It's the key ingredient that allows everyone in the supply chain to access information fast and use it to improve service and results.

This new e-book from the experts at Penske Logistics explores four ways visibility drives results. You'll learn how visibility strengthens customer relationships, enhances warehouse operations, mitigates disruptions and drives down a company's total transportation spend. You'll also discover how the ClearChain® technology suite provides companies with the real-time supply chain visibility they need.

Download and read the entire e-book to understand why visibility is a true differentiator in today's business world.

Businesses considering freight management outsourcing need to weigh many factors. They must choose not only the right logistics provider, but also must know which freight management model will work best for their company. They must understand the benefits of technology and data. They must know when the time is right to outsource. And they need a complete view of their transportation costs.

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Ensuring the safe and reliable storage and transportation of fresh foods has never been more important than now, especially with the ongoing implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The food warehouse plays a crucial role in keeping fresh foods fresh. To be safe and compliant, warehouses must have a logical design and layout, maintain the proper temperature zones for specific products, and utilize the right software for optimal efficiency.

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If you're ready to give your employees the reins – and rewards – for establishing efficiencies in your warehouse, it may be time to look into labor management software. Choosing the right labor management program is important, yet even more important is making the program successful for your business.

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Organizations of all shapes and sizes are looking to increase visibility across their supply chains in order to make better day-today business decisions, but also to capture and analyze data for long-term gain. From a shipper's perspective, better visibility across the supply chain can lead to greater confidence in inventory levels–and savings that result from the need to keep less inventory on hand.

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