inbound supply chain

Visibility and collaboration are at the core of a successful inbound freight operation. By successfully improving overall visibility, you can identify a potential problem earlier and build in a necessary contingency plan.

This new e-book from Penske Logistics includes information about how to create the perfect inbound solution, by taking a detailed look at a variety of options, including:

  • How to effectively make a change in providers
  • What private fleets can do for you
  • The best way to incorporate freight management services
  • Dedicated contract carriage and the ability to secure capacity
  • Keys to finding the right transportation partner

Then take the necessary steps to discover how you can maximize your freight management solutions.

For those of us whose livelihood focuses on supply chain management, it’s clear that disruption is now a normal part of business. Recent examples of front-page news include extreme weather events, the pandemic and international unrest. When managing a supply chain, there are lessons to be learned from each of these events.

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