logistics visibility

Merely having access to supply chain data is table stakes. To provide maximum value, companies need visibility. It's the key ingredient that allows everyone in the supply chain to access information fast and use it to improve service and results.

This new e-book from the experts at Penske Logistics explores four ways visibility drives results. You'll learn how visibility strengthens customer relationships, enhances warehouse operations, mitigates disruptions and drives down a company's total transportation spend. You'll also discover how the ClearChain® technology suite provides companies with the real-time supply chain visibility they need.

Download and read the entire e-book to understand why visibility is a true differentiator in today's business world.

Trust is a critical issue in any relationship, particularly in business. In the logistics industry, shippers have to be able to trust their transportation providers and be confident deliveries will arrive when needed. What’s more, consumers need to trust retailers and feel confident they will get the right products at the right time.

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Increase Your Visibility

Connect All Parts of the Supply Chain

Your operations and your customers depend on the supply chain. Whether it is a big-box store waiting for a delivery, a production line waiting for parts or a warehouse waiting for product, you need to know shipments will arrive on time. If any glitches occur along the way, you need to know about them so you can make adjustments and keep people informed down the line.

Information is the common denominator in today's supply chain. Smart technology drives the speed and accuracy of your data. Timely and exact information ensures efficiency within the supply chain and allows supply chain partners to mitigate problems before they occur.

But simply having data is not enough. To provide value, you need connectivity. It's the key ingredient that allows multiple parties within the supply chain to access precise information and use it to improve customer service and make tactical decisions. Through its ClearChain®Technology Suite, Penske Logistics connects all parts of the supply chain to provide you with visibility.

Capture, store and interpret your data

ClearChain puts customers' data into an organized, easily accessible repository. On a good day, ClearChain's visibility can help people within the supply chain drive efficiency and cut costs. On a bad day, that visibility can help people manage a disruption or turn trouble into an opportunity.

Use data insights to drive business results

By facilitating the exchange of data in real time, ClearChain directly links logistics operations with the shipper. ClearChain's apps ensure all parties within the supply chain exchange precise data that allows shippers, transportation providers and customers to make necessary decisions.

"Visibility drives customer service and makes data accessible so customers can make tactical decisions quickly."
—Andy Moses, senior vice president of sales and solutions, Penske Logistics

While key decisions can vary by industry, the information that drives all decisions stems from both a high-level, connected view of the supply chain and granular specifics. In manufacturing, information can allow users to sync deliveries with their production schedules. In retail, information lets users quickly obtain pallets of rock salt before a winter storm hits.

Get real-time data at your fingertips

Because the supply chain includes many variables that must work together seamlessly, ClearChain provides status updates to keep customers informed. GPS tracking allows Penske to see carriers' locations at any point in time. If a carrier doesn't have an onboard tracking system, Penske can connect with the driver's cellphone, closing any potential black holes in the tracking process.

Find potential disruptions sooner and take action

ClearChain allows Penske to get in front of a potential disruption by monitoring real-time traffic and weather information along routes and near customers' locations. If a disruption occurs, Penske can work with carriers and shippers to find the right solution to meet customers' needs. Reacting quickly to a disruption can result in significant savings.

Success within the supply chain depends on connectivity. The ClearChain technology suite — coupled with the people and processes behind it — allows users to know what is happening at the touch of a button or click of a mouse or tap of a finger or swipe of a card. That knowledge creates better service and results.