Increase Visibility to Improve Customer Service

Meet customer expectations and build loyalty with full visibility into your supply chain

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Now more than ever, your customers’ needs come first. They expect accurate and on-time deliveries all the time. To meet their expectations and build loyalty, you need to perform. Part of that performance includes helping your carriers and shippers avoid potential chargeback fees for missed delivery windows.

To reach optimal performance, you need real-time visibility into your loads so you know exactly where they are and whether they’re on track. When a disruption occurs, you need to take swift action. Quick and easy access to real-time information allows you to take immediate action. This potentially enhances your reliability and customer service.

The ClearChain®Technology Suite — coupled with the expertise of Penske associates — provides insight into each shipment to ensure it follows the prescribed route and schedule. Penske’s customers can in turn provide this level of visibility for their customers.

Update Your Transportation Management System Automatically

ClearChain apps collect load data in several ways, so customers can automatically update the transportation management system and configure alerts regarding shipments based on their parameters. Customers can define how often they’d like updates, the type of updates they want (such as ship notifications or estimated time of arrival), and the preferred communication method.

Search by Shipment Number

Customers can log into an online portal for real-time visibility into their shipment status. They can either search for information by shipment number, or they can request automatic proactive updates at key times, such as when items are picked up. Customers also can dive into part-level details to learn exactly what has shipped.

ClearChain can highlight any discrepancies between the final load and the original order, which could have a ripple effect throughout the organization if left unaddressed. For example, knowing the exact quantity of an incoming item can be useful for manufacturers that need to plan production schedules.

Flag Loads that Are Behind Schedule or Need Special Handling

Real-time visibility equates to productivity. By obtaining detailed information and status updates on shipments, Penske associates, carriers and customers can work together if a disruption occurs.

ClearChain will flag loads that are behind schedule or need special handling. That improves service, because it allows people within the supply chain to get out ahead of a potential problem before it causes a concern for the final customer.

“There is value in being able to identify as quickly as possible that our customer has a potential issue. The sooner we know, the sooner we can take action.”
—Andy Moses, senior vice president of sales and solutions, Penske Logistics

If a known disruption such as severe weather is expected to occur, Penske and its customers can work together to stage product so customers get the materials they need. If it isn’t possible to get ahead of the weather event, ClearChain’s visibility helps navigate around or through it.

Proactively Notify Customers in the Event of Delays

If a carrier breaks down en route, ClearChain flags it so people within the supply chain can quickly collaborate and determine the best course of action. If an associate spends hours searching for an answer, carriers or suppliers may be waiting. ClearChain’s apps improve reaction time and communication with carriers and drivers.

Reduce the Number of Missed or Late Deliveries

Visibility ensures drivers follow the most optimal route and increases productivity, leading to a greater percentage of on-time deliveries and greater service. That strengthens the shippers’ relationships with their final customers, cuts costs and streamlines operations.

Your customers come first. With the ClearChain technology suite, you’ll have full visibility into your supply chain. That gives you the potential to deliver optimal customer service 100% of the time.


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