Reading, Pa., Dec. 13, 2022 –Penske Logistics has announced the 24 recipients of its 2022 Freight Management Carrier Awards program. This year the event took place at an awards ceremony in Phoenix.

“It is wonderful to celebrate these deserving companies face-to-face,” stated LeAnne Coulter, vice president of freight management for Penske Logistics. “There is no new normal yet in the supply chain today, and I am thankful that we have this collection of excellent carriers in the U.S. and Canada to support us on this journey.”

Category winners were selected from among Penske’s base of trucking carriers operating within its freight management operations. There are several award qualifications: A Penske Logistics enterprise scorecard combined with customer, operations and sourcing feedback.

Here are the 2022 Penske Logistics Freight Management Carrier Award honorees:

Brokerage Provider Award

  • Kirsch Transportation Services, Inc.
  • Total Quality Logistics, LLC

Flatbed Transporter Award

  • Landstar System, Inc.
  • Mercer Transportation

Intermodal Carrier Award

  • DRT Transportation, LLC
  • Hub Group, Inc.

Less-Than-Truckload Canadian Carrier Award

  • Overland Express

Less-Than-Truckload U.S. National Carrier Award

  • ABF Freight System, Inc.
  • Estes Express Lines

Less-Than-Truckload U.S. Regional Carrier Award

  • Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.
  • PITT-OHIO Express

Liquid Bulk Transporter Award

  • United Petroleum Transports
  • Venezia Liquid Tank Lines, Inc.

Truckload Canada Award

  • HBC Transportation, Inc.
  • Lion Force Transport, Inc.
  • TransEmerge Transport, Inc.

Truckload U.S. National Carrier Award

  • Bennett Motor Express, LLC
  • Crane Logistics, LLC

Truckload U.S. Regional Carrier Award

  • A&K Dhillon, Inc.
  • Carter Express, Inc.
  • GSA International, Ltd.
  • Mesilla Valley Transportation
  • Select Dedicated Solutions
  • West Side Transport, Inc.

When there are supplemental freight needs, customers want to know that their freight will reach its destination safely while on time and on budget. Penske Logistics offers award-winning freight management and brokerage solutions to help manage transportation networks, and handle seasonal needs, capacity surges and challenging lanes.

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Reading, Pa., Nov. 2, 2022 – Penske Logistics has earned entry onto the 2022 Top Food Chain Providers listing, as announced by Food Chain Digest, the official publication of the Food Shippers of America.

The Top Food Chain Provider program highlights third-party logistics companies, freight brokers, motor carriers, rail/intermodal and maritime companies that excel in capabilities and service to food transportation, logistics, distribution and supply chain management, according to the publication.

For this year’s list, nearly 6,000 participants in the food industry voted for organizations with the strongest reputations and value in the food chain technology segment. As part of the process, companies earning an adequate volume of votes are validated, which helped to identify the companies named to the list.

“Food shippers rely upon their logistics partners and carriers to help manage a productive, efficient and seamless food chain,” said Brian Everett, group publisher and editorial director of Food Chain Digest. “A common theme for the companies on the 2022 list is that they have been providing significant value to food shippers at a time when demand in all modes has been surging while the people and assets needed to move and store goods and materials remain scarce.”

Penske Logistics features an industry-leading portfolio of services to its food and beverage customers. These solutions include reliable product pickup through delivery; a temperature-controlled supply chain; flexible vendor pickups and just-in-time delivery; sophisticated equipment tracking; a keen grasp of store and vendor requirements; delivery coordination between vendors, distribution centers and stores; and the local sourcing of the freshest products.

Marc Althen, Penske Logistics president: “We are honored to be designated as a top food chain provider. Our associates are dedicated to serving our food and beverage customers in the most efficient manner and it’s vital that we help them engineer solutions, sometimes in an instant, during these uneven times that we are currently living in.”

READING, Pa., September 26, 2022 – Jamie Rigot, vice president of dedicated contract carriage operations for Penske Logistics, has been named among the winners of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2022 Women in Supply Chain Award. The award honors female supply chain leaders whose accomplishments and mentorship set a strong foundation for women at all levels of a company’s supply chain.

Rigot oversees dedicated contract carriage operations for the company’s central region. Dedicated contract carriage, or DCC, is a logistics solution that dedicates equipment and drivers to a single customer, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced costs for shippers.

“Jamie’s passion for innovation and problem-solving have led to exceptional outcomes for our organization and our customers,” said Dave Eaton, senior vice president of DCC operations. “She is an outstanding role model for future leaders in our organization, and more than deserving of this recognition.”

Rigot is a founding member of the Penske Women in Logistics professional development network, as well as an additional mentorship program for women in logistics launched in 2021. She has spearheaded several critical initiatives related to process improvement, enhanced collaboration, information technology and driver recruitment.

Rigot was previously named by Fox Sports as one of the most powerful women in NASCAR. She was also recently featured on Supply Chain Digital’s Top 100 Women list.

“At Penske Logistics, the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and talents of our associates enable us to provide the most creative and innovative solutions for customers,” said Rigot. “I’m honored and grateful for the opportunity to highlight the importance of gender diversity in our industry.”

Penske Logistics is a Penske Transportation Solutions company with operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Penske Logistics provides supply chain management and logistics services to leading companies around the world. Penske Logistics delivers value through its design, planning and execution in transportation, warehousing and freight management. To learn more visit: www.penskelogistics.com

READING, Pa., Sept. 19, 2022 – Amidst the growing uncertainty of today’s global supply chain, the 2023 Annual Third-Party Logistics Studywas released today, giving insight into the challenges and opportunities facing suppliers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs). The publication, created in conjunction with NTT DATA, supply chain professor and researcher Dr. C. John Langley and Penske Logistics, examines back-to-basics principles for supply chain professionals, the ongoing talent crisis and the rise of reverse logistics.

Key findings include:

  • Getting Back-to-Basics: While innovative technologies, globalization and growing access to data have all helped transform the supply chain, they have also created complexity, disconnects and competing priorities. A return to the fundamental principles governing supply chains is underway. “The Seven Immutable Laws for Supply Chain Success,” helps organizations shift back-to-basics by focusing on the core principles needed to achieve current and future supply chain success. Of these principles, both shippers and 3PLs rated data and analytics, customer focus, and innovation and transformation, as the most important in achieving future improvement in their organization’s supply chains.
  • Understanding the Talent Crisis: The supply chain industry has been hit hard by labor shortages, with 78% of shippers, and 56% of 3PLs, reported that labor shortages have impacted their supply chain operations. Hourly workers (e.g., pickers and packers) and licensed hourly workers (e.g., truck drivers and equipment operators) continue to be the hardest roles for companies to hire and retain. Many see the talent shortage as a long-term issue, with 27% of shippers, and 29% of 3PLs, reporting they believe there has been a permanent shift.
  • Tapping into the Potential of Reverse Logistics: Often neglected as the back half of the supply chain equation, reverse logistics has since become an integral part of both the B2B and B2C buyer experience. Consumer-focused shippers rated the returns experience as being extremely important (75%) to consumer loyalty, and both consumer-focused shippers (65%) and business-focused shippers (60%) noted that return expectations are growing. As buying habits continue to shift reverse logistics represents a key opportunity to boost efficiency and improve consumer satisfaction.
  • ESG Surges: Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) continues to be a top priority for today’s supply chain. However, only 22% of shippers and 17% of 3PLs rated themselves as a trailblazer and a leader in ESG. Conversely, 45% of shippers and 41% of 3PLs rated themselves as average in their ESG targets. This discrepancy suggests that both shippers and 3PLs may be misaligned in implementing their ESG efforts.

Langley stated: “The Annual Third-Party Logistics Study identifies and provides insight into key issues and challenges facing 3PLs and shippers. Although these organizations are all dealing with unprecedented change and volatility in the global marketplace, they continue to improve and create value for their end-user customers and consumers. Hopefully, this year’s study topics and results inspire further efforts to improve our supply chains via the benefits of successful 3PL-customer relationships.”

Andy Moses, senior vice president sales and solutions, Penske Logistics: “This year’s study findings present a robust view of the challenges and opportunities shippers and logistics providers are facing in rebalancing the supply chain. Attracting and retaining talent in the supply chain remains of central importance to shippers and logistics providers. There are talent needs industrywide from airline pilots, ship captains, truck drivers, and warehouse workers to engineers and technology professionals. People remain central to an efficient and functional supply chain to meet society’s needs.”

Sylvie Thompson, vice president, consumer brands, retail, and distribution practice leader, NTT DATA Services: “I believe we are facing a talent pool crisis and until we can attract new talent into the profession—at all ages and levels—our ‘talent crisis’ will continue. Further, we are all aware of the lack of women in senior levels within supply chains, but diversity is more than gender. Our talent pool is not representative of the communities we work in nor where our teams live. We need to not only expand our pool from a numbers perspective but also from a diversity perceptive.”

Dating back to 1996, Dr. Langley initiated research to capture and measure this evolving industry and resulting studies have documented the transformation of the third-party logistics industry. The study and past versions are available for download at www.3PLStudy.com.

The study was released at this year’s Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) EDGE conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Penske Logistics is a Penske Transportation Solutions company with operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Penske Logistics provides supply chain management and logistics services to leading companies around the world. Penske Logistics delivers value through its design, planning and execution in transportation, warehousing and freight management. To learn more visit: www.penskelogistics.com.

NTT DATA – part of the NTT Group – is a trusted global innovator of IT and business services, headquartered in Tokyo. We help clients transform through consulting, industry solutions, IT modernization and managed services. NTT DATA enables clients to move confidently into the digital future. We are committed to our clients’ long-term success and combine global reach with local expertise to operate in over 50 countries. Visit us at nttdata.com.

Reading, Pa., July 29, 2022 – Penske Logistics was named Partner of the Year by Nissan North America. Penske was honored in the Part Logistics U.S. Market category at Nissan’s recent Annual Supplier Conference. The company was recognized for its lead logistics inbound parts flow operations that support Nissan car manufacturing operations in Smyrna, Tennessee, Canton, Mississippi, and Decherd, Tennessee.

“We appreciate that our hardworking associates were recognized by Nissan North America for their assistance to the customer during a unique time in our world’s history,” stated Marc Althen, Penske Logistics president.

Penske Logistics is a Penske Transportation Solutions company with operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Penske Logistics provides supply chain management and logistics services to leading companies around the world. Penske Logistics delivers value through its design, planning and execution in transportation, warehousing and freight management. To learn more visit: www.penskelogistics.com.

LOMBARD, ILL., June 21, 2022 – The 2022 State of Logistics Report was unveiled today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., with the 33rd annual publication finding that U.S.-based supply chains are out of sync, while adjusting to short-term changes and perhaps uncovering long-term solutions. It is produced annually for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) by global consulting firm Kearney and presented by Penske Logistics.

The publication delivers a snapshot of the American economy through the lens of the logistics sector and its role in overall supply chains. The report is a rigorous compilation of leading logistics intelligence from around the world and shines a spotlight on industry trends and key insights on ever evolving supply chains across a number of sectors.

A key statistic that the report generates is the United States business logistics costs, or USBLC. In 2021, USBLC was elevated by 22.4% to $1.85 trillion, representing 8% of 2021's $23 trillion GDP.

Here are some major report findings:

  • Business inventories dropped to near historic lows, but the costs associated with storing, handling and finance these items rose considerably. Inventory-carrying costs rose by 25.9% in 2021, and transportation costs jumped 21.7%. This led to uneven supply chains and inconsistent product availability for consumers (both in-person and online).
  • Efforts to increase multi-shoring are expected to accelerate. Companies are seeking to have operations move closer to the U.S., to respond quicker to fluctuating market demands.
  • Last year's report noted the effects of the pandemic on the supply chain. The residual challenges of the pandemic remain, with some disruptions continuing to deliver damaging effects on capacity.
  • Last-mile delivery volume is trending upward. The 2022 report notes that e-commerce sales grew 10% last year (to $871 billion), accounting for 14% of U.S. retail sales.
  • Trucking freight continues to see more volume and opportunities. With road freight accounting for the largest segment of the U.S. supply chain spend, it expanded by 23.4%, to a lofty $831 billion spend.

Mark Baxa, CSCMP president & CEO: "This year's State of Logistics' report is simply an outstanding and valuable asset to any supply chain organization. Competing in today's global marketplace is not just about the high-quality products supply chains plan, procure, make and deliver. It's also about impacting the global community and doing vital work like making and delivering life-saving vaccines. In the 33 rd year of this remarkable report, our readers will not only be in the best position to benchmark their own supply chain progress but to refine their approach, leading to better results. With supply chain making up the clear majority of most company's operations and that of its workforce, it has the greatest potential to make a real impact on its competitive advantage. I wish to thank our collaborative research and author partner Kearney, IHS Market, Penske Logistics and the CSCMP staff for all of their contributions."

Balika Sonthalia, partner at Kearney and lead author of the report, noted: "It's not surprising that we are continuing to see ongoing disruptions related to the pandemic, but the scope and impact of disruptions continue to weigh heavily on the minds of logistics providers – as they do for all companies contributing to the U.S. economy. What is notable for 2021, however, is that the logistics sector has begun to enable changes which should benefit manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike. We're especially heartened by the progress the sector has made in rebuilding supply chain resilience via multi-shoring, automation and optionality in last-mile distribution. This will also improve customer service and bring efficiencies for all parties."

Andy Moses, senior vice president of sales and solutions, Penske Logistics: "We have seen an incredible amount of resiliency among private truck fleets and dedicated contract carriage truck fleets. Demand has been up sharply year-over-year and these fleets continue to manage the complexities they face in the trucking supply chain including headwinds caused by shortages of parts, equipment, drivers, and most recently rising fuel costs. The State of Logistics Report does an excellent job of accurately capturing these challenges across all modes of transportation."

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Penske Logistics is a Penske Transportation Solutions company with operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Penske Logistics provides supply chain management and logistics services to leading companies around the world. Penske Logistics delivers value through its design, planning and execution in transportation, warehousing and freight management. Visit www.penskelogistics.com to learn more.

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