inbound logistics

For those of us whose livelihood focuses on supply chain management, it’s clear that disruption is now a normal part of business. Recent examples of front-page news include extreme weather events, the pandemic and international unrest. When managing a supply chain, there are lessons to be learned from each of these events.

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Inbound logistics refers to the detailed plans focused on the moving of materials, products and supplies from a manufacturer or distribution center to a warehouse or other storage area; the way inventory is brought into a warehouse or the supply side of supply and demand. The moment a product arrives at a facility, it is important to know where it's headed, how it needs to be handled and how long it may need to stay there. As an example, warehouses or distribution centers utilize inbound logistics to receive inventory which will later be sent to retailers, who rely on the inbound procedure to restock their inventory.

Inbound Logistics FAQs

What is inbound vs outbound logistics?

Inbound and outbound logistics can be thought of as opposites. And as defined above, inbound logistics is focused on moving things into a supply chain – more specifically, the moving of materials, products and supplies from a manufacturer or distribution center to a warehouse or other storage facility. Outbound logistics are focused on moving things out of the supply chain or storing and moving products to the customer or final location.

What are some inbound logistics examples? 

Inbound logistics examples include raw materials coming into a plant for further processing, products being returned by customers, and goods coming into a warehouse. All of those activities fall under inbound logistics.

What activities are considered inbound logistics? 

Some of the most common inbound logistics processes include sourcing and managing materials, receiving and storing inventory in a warehouse, and reverse logistics.

Penske Logistics has been honored by General Motors with the 2018 Supplier of the Year and 2018 Overdrive Awards at a recent ceremony in Warren, Michigan.

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It's once again time to cast your vote for the Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards. Each year, in its July issue, Inbound Logistics magazine publishes a comprehensive resource on third-party logistics and the outsourced logistics market.

The magazine is asking its readers to identify which third-party logistics companies provide excellent service through on online voting portal.

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