What Is CARB?

The California Air Resource Board (CARB) is a state agency that leads California’s efforts to reduce air pollution and climate change. Because California often takes the lead at the state level on regulatory requirements and creating stricter emissions rules, CARB has adopted several measures that are currently being introduced or implemented in other states including ACF, TRU and WAIRE.

Visibility is critical at the border, and being proactive rather than reactive can keep products moving. Penske has added a border workflow technology tool as part of its ClearChain® technology suite that facilitates collaboration between the many stakeholders involved in a border crossing to mitigate the risk of a delay.

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Two new regulations in Mexico — the Suplemento de Carta Porte and Proyecto de IntegraciónTecnológica Aduanera (PITA) — are expected to create more documentation and record-keeping which may further complicate an already elaborate process.

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