More than ever, supply chains need to be agile and resilient. Control towers deliver the supply chain visibility that underpins agility and resilience, hence shipper interest in these information hubs has increased dramatically. Supply chain control tower implementation in stages starting with less challenging nodes makes these solutions affordable and accessible. Also, today's control towers are more powerful than earlier versions, allowing the ability to integrate disparate data sources and information systems while using technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve network visibility and performance.

This new e-book from Penske Logistics explores the multiple benefits provided by control towers. You'll learn what they are and why they provide a more responsive management of inventory at rest and in transit, improved order fulfillment and enhanced network design.

Download and read the entire e-book to understand why control towers may be the answer to eliminating vulnerabilities within your supply chain, and how partnering with Penske can keep your business moving forward.

What Is Agility?

Agility refers to the ability of a business to quickly adapt to changes in the market or customer demand while maintaining cost effectiveness and profitability and avoiding a significant impact on quality or dependability. As supply chains grow increasingly complex, agility becomes more important as it is critical in dealing with short lead times and varying volumes. Visibility is an important part of staying agile, and with greater visibility comes the ability to stay more flexible.