What Is Pick-to-Light?

Pick-to-light is a system of picking that guides employees by using lights and monitors at the storage locations to direct workers on what to pick and where to place the items. This method of order picking improves efficiency, accuracy and speed, and typically removes any language barriers

What Is a Pick List?

A pick list is the list of items to be picked from inventory to fulfill an order. A pick list often indicates the product to be picked, where that inventory is located and other useful information that pickers may need to know in relation to the order.

What Is Pick-to-Carton?

In the pick-to-carton type of order picking, a shipping container is first chosen based on item dimensions and/or weights then items are picked and put directly into the shipping carton. This type of order picking is similar to pick/pack, though with pick-to-carton, the shipping container is selected prior to picking items.

The pick-to-trailer method is a picking method where the products are picked from inventory then placed directly into the shipping trailer. This method of order picking is similar to pick-to-carton or pick/pack, with the trailer taking the place of a shipping container.

What Is Pick/Pack?

Pick/pack or pick 'n pack is the fulfilling of an order by picking products from an inventory location and then packing them directly into a container for shipment. This type of picking is typically used to fulfill smaller orders for retail and can cut down on time by eliminating the need for repacking.