on time delivery

On-time in-full is a performance indicator measuring the ability to deliver a full order by the targeted date. The on-time in-full criterion is an important Key Performance Indicator used to assess the effectiveness of the supply chain process.

On-time delivery is a performance indicator measuring the rate of deliveries made on time. On-time delivery is the No. 1 performance figure everyone tracks. The definition of on-time delivery can vary among shippers based on their performance criteria. Some shippers are very specific and consider arriving a minute early or a minute late not on time, while others have a more generalized idea and consider the shipment on time as long as it arrives on the specified day.

Maximizing efficiency is often at the forefront of every automotive supply chain decision. It's critical to get the right quantity of the right part, delivered to the right location at the absolute right time. Failing to ensure proper part delivery could bring your operations to a grinding halt and have a catastrophic effect across the entire supply chain. Fortunately, technology is advancing at an exceptional pace giving users unprecedented access to timely data.

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