Accurately Track and Trace Every Load

Get real-time data, down to the part-level detail, throughout every step of your automotive supply chain

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Maximizing efficiency is often at the forefront of every automotive supply chain decision. It's critical to get the right quantity of the right part, delivered to the right location at the absolute right time. Failing to ensure proper part delivery could bring your operations to a grinding halt and have a catastrophic effect across the entire supply chain. Fortunately, technology is advancing at an exceptional pace giving users unprecedented access to timely data.

This level of visibility across the entire supply chain permits greater tactical decisions that can have a significant impact on the bottom line. And with technology continuing to advance, its impact on the automotive world will only continue to increase.

From collision avoidance systems to self-driving cars, smart technology is driving the future of the automotive industry. It's also shaping the future of the automotive supply chain.

Penske Logistics uses its ClearChain® technology suite to track and trace every supply chain movement. Through data capture and real-time communication, customers may see freight details down to the part-level knowing exactly what is being shipped and where it is at every point along its journey. Customers also can compare the quantity of pieces ordered to the number that shipped. In addition, they can get text or email alerts when a load is picked up, enters a certain geographical region, or is delayed.

This real-time data exchange connects logistics operations directly with the shipper. By providing a high-level, connected view of the supply chain as well granular specifics, Penske, through process management, ensures all supply chain parties exchange precise data. This allows shippers, transportation providers and customers to make necessary decisions about their operations.

"To thrive, you have to be sharp and instantly know where your products are within the supply chain. That is what gives you a competitive edge."
—Andy Moses, senior vice president of sales and solutions for Penske Logistics

Gain End-to End Visibility in the Automotive Supply Chain

ClearChain tracks the flow of inventory through and around the warehouse, monitors product velocity, and provides advanced notice of arrivals. It captures data in several ways. Incoming and outbound product information can be transmitted electronically between supply chain partners so business transactions and the related details are automatically loaded into the core system. Visibility also helps optimize door-to-door movement within the warehouse yard. ClearChain can track where trailers are, and whether they're moving or parked for later processing.

ClearChain has an app that tracks the flow of inventory throughout the distribution center. That data allows users to track a product from the initial receipt to the final pick, down to the individual SKU, ensuring a quick response in the event of a recall or spike in demand.

Improve On-Time Delivery

Penske also uses ClearChain technology to keep deliveries on time. For dedicated contract carriage (DCC) customers, Penske closely tracks drivers, who are the final link in the supply chain and provide key insights into load status. This keeps all parties in the supply chain current and enables rapid decision making if a disruption occurs.

Through additional apps, ClearChain optimizes the management of our drivers and removes any blind spots from the final mile in a delivery. This automates as much of the data exchange as possible, so drivers can focus on driving rather than manually updating information.

When Penske manages transportation for a customer, ClearChain captures and uses GPS data on carriers' loads, enabling Penske associates and their customers to see where any carrier is at any point in time. The information feeds into the operation management dashboard, which sits on top of the transportation management system and aggregates all of the data, pulling everything together.

"Visibility drives customer service and makes data accessible so customers can make tactical decisions quickly."
—Andy Moses, senior vice president of sales and solutions for Penske Logistics

Experience the Benefits of Automation

For DCC customers, much of ClearChain's reporting is automated, which means no one has to wait for a driver to update the system. ClearChain utilizes a truck's electronic onboard recorder to monitor both engine and driver performance while a truck is in operation. It can communicate with the driver via a tablet, smartphone or the web. By monitoring engine data, users get added insight that can minimize breakdown-related delays, which could alter a drivers' arrival time.

When Penske is managing a load for a customer, if it falls behind, ClearChain flags it. Penske Logistics experts then identify the delay as a potential concern and communicate with the customer to determine the best course of action to minimize further disruptions.

The ability to quickly pinpoint products' locations, whether they are in the distribution center or on a trailer, can also be invaluable in the event of a recall.

With so much riding on your supply chain, just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery of parts means it's imperative every supply chain movement must function as planned. An optimally designed automotive supply chain will help you know exactly when you'll receive inbound materials, allowing you to right-size your workforce in preparation for deliveries. It also helps you keep inventory lean, so you won't incur the expense of reserve product.

Andy Moses
Andy Moses is senior vice president of sales and solutions for Penske Logistics. Prior to this role, he was vice president of sales at Penske Truck Leasing. Moses has more than 25 years of experience in the transportation industry, serving in product and sales leadership positions with both Penske Truck Leasing and Rollins Truck Leasing. A Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Moses earned a bachelor's degree in accounting from Brooklyn College and a master's degree from Pennsylvania State University in leadership development.

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